Minority Nurse at Georgetown University Hospital

  1. I will be starting as a new grad at Georgetown in May 2012. Any advice for minority nurses at Georgetown .
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  3. by   fashionistaRN
    Congratulations! Georgetown is a nice place to work.

    Why do you think you'll need advice to work for Georgetown b/c you are a minority?
  4. by   steward3
    Here is some good advice. I was in the new grad program as well and as an African-American, I am going to tell you that you will see preferential treatment given to your white female counterparts. They will be put on the fast track towards becoming a charge nurse and advancement in educational opportunities. You will have to perform at a level above what is expected of them in order for you to advance. You will be underestimated, undervalued and marginalized. This is not meant to discourage you. Georgetown is an excellent place to learn and great to have on your resume, but you should take advantage of that, keep your eye on the bigger picture with the goal of meeting your requirements to obtain your bonus, because they pay much lower than other area hospitals, and working towards going back to school to get your graduate degree, but not at Georgetown. The price is not worth it as they do not have a recognized nursing program. if you live in Maryland, I would concentrate on the University of Maryland School of Nursing(UMSON). The graduate school is ranked in the top 10 by US News & World report and they have a magnet teaching hospital that is exceeds Georgetown. I left the program after 7 months and it was the best decision I could make because I am now enrolled at the UMSON and working towards my master's degree within 3 years of starting at Georgetown. Good Luck!
  5. by   multitask
    GT is a household name for exellence in the DC metro area. However, working at GT leaves a lot to be desired. Yes, walking through the halls of Gt you will see many minorities. However most are techs, aministartive support housekeeping and facilities managment. Yes there are a handful of nurses that fit the bill, but keep in mind that the bulk of the nursing staff are young snobby girls that wouldn't know adversity and challenge if it bit them.

    If you make a mistake you will be fired in a heart beat. Heck if they don't like your attitude or if you are not a "fit" they will let you go as well. There is no Union to support you. And even if the rest of the Unit knows you are getting the raw end of the deal, they will be too scared to stand up.

    Parking is a joke and upper mobility, unless you are part of the click is almost impossible. GT is not the same as it use to be as far as clinical experience. Let's face it, anything critical gets sent to WHC. So unless you will be taking advantage of GT's education, ensuring you are accepted to the program, you may want to explore your options.

    Just keeping it real~ As soon as I finished my residency I was out of there. Half my program left prior to completion be them white, black or other.
  6. by   fashionistaRN
    @multitask and steward3, thanks for those input. Glad you guys are both in happier environments. How long is GT residency program?
  7. by   chineye
    Hey fashionistaRN, are you working at Georgetown, I am a minority as well and was invited for an interview

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