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Hey everyone, is anyone applying or did applied for the new graduate RN program 2012 from Georgetown University Hospital???... Read More

  1. by   Hannah22
    There wasn't a ton of current information on here back in November when many of us were wondering what the New Graduate Nurse Day entailed, so I wanted to add something for next year's participants to use.

    First, here was the schedule for the day:
    9-9:15: arrive in the Lombardi Center Lobby and meet-and-greet with other applicants and nursing leaders (coffee and tea were served)
    9:20-10:30: various briefings in the Gorman Auditorium. These included remarks by the Chief Nursing Officer and information on characteristics of a GUH nurse, benefits, educational opportunities, and introductions of nurse leaders for each clinical area.
    10:30-11:30: we broke up by unit and went to our respective clinical areas for a tour and Q&A session
    11:30-1:00: lunch at the Leavy Conference Center (a new nurse who started the program last fall sat with us and answered questions)
    1:00-5:00: back to the unit for interviews (you leave when your interview is over, so it doesn't necessarily mean you'll be there until 5:00)

    Each participant was officially allowed one interview only, in a clinical area that had to be selected prior to New Grad Day. I would estimate there were probably 150 interviewees total, and the most competitive units seemed to be L&D, peds, and SICU. My nurse leader didn't know how many available slots she had on her floor, but other units apparently did (or were able to estimate). I would say it's really important for a future candidate to carefully weigh which clinical areas have the best odds. If all you care about is getting a job at GUH, research the least popular units. If your priority is clinical area rather than hospital, arrive knowing the competition is stiff and prepare as such.

    For the actual interview, it depended on the unit. My interview consisted of sitting in the nurse manager's office and chatting--no pressure, really pleasant. According to other candidates, though, other units did the panel interviews with questions. I would definitely recommend preparing a lot of behavioral/situational answers (such as "Tell me about a time when you had to make a split second decision" and the like). Think of scenarios for every possible "Tell me..." question so you don't have to sit there and hem and haw while you think. A good technique for answering such questions is the STAR-L format: tell them the SITUATION, tell them what your TASK was, tell them what you did (ACTION), tell them the RESULT, and finish by telling them what you LEARNED. Even though I didn't have any of these questions, I prepared using this method and went feeling really confident. It helped calm my nerves to prepare for the worst-case interview scenario. J

    I did notice that many of the other attendees participated in the 10-week summer internship GUH offers for nursing students. This year it is June 10th-August 4th, but the application window closed back in December. As someone who did not participate in this program, it was intimidating to see how well the ones who did participate knew the hospital, the nurse recruiting staff, and the nurse leaders. I knew of at least one candidate who, just because she participated in the summer internship, was offered the opportunity to conduct TWO interviews. Apparently she picked a very competitive unit for her first interview, and nurse recruiting called and said she should also interview on a different unit because "it would be such a shame" if she didn't get a job just because she picked a competitive unit. That seemed really unfair, but I guess that's life. Networking and connections are everything. I have to work through my summers to make it through the school year, so there is no way I ever could have afforded to take 10 weeks off and work for free while paying D.C. rent. It seems to target a population that CAN afford to do this. I do think it gives candidates a leg up, so do it if you can.
  2. by   Wolf at the Door
    Yes, I think the people that intern are automatic locks. Did they stuck it out for 10 weeks with no income in DC? I would say they deserved a job, lol. I had no idea they did it for free I thought there was some compensation. The actual grad day was unnecessary to me. As they were observing me for the day I was observing them. It is all about do you fit in with us. I knew I was not a good fit for their unit mid way through the day due to personality and the hospital culture. Tried to remain positive. After the interview day I realized I did not care for GUH like I did going into the interview process. It was nice to get an interview early but, I determined before after that weekend I was not going to take the job if offered. Heck I usually send thank you letters after interview but, I did not. I heard from them last week and I was told they "did not have any open positions." I just said "okay" hung up the phone and smiled. The only folks that were probably there until 5pm were interviewing for Peds. I noticed the Neurology and Neuro ICU had a bunch of interviewees.

    My overall impression and experience is my own. I do not want anyone to base what I experienced as what GUH is. It could be a great place so you have to see for yourself. Maybe you will fit in with the culture. My tip to anyone who is employed elsewhere do not let your job know you are interviewing for this job. I did not and still have the door open for me at my current place.
  3. by   caroline33
    Hey All,

    Was just wondering if anyone is starting in the 2012 new grad program at Georgetown? I'm in the Neuro ICU, and just wanted to touch base with anyone else who was starting July 30th as well! I'm moving from Boston so any tips on where to live, etc would be appreciated! Thanks

  4. by   lalice
    Hi there,

    I also accepted an offer from GUH for their summer start date I'm also relocating from Philly.

  5. by   kimchichi713
    The Summer Nurse Extern program IS paid. So, I suggest everyone apply! I'm from a very low income household and it's like a dream come true to be able to work there this summer, so don't let this discourage you. Yes I do need to make a longer commute because I can't afford DC housing, but was able to find affordable housing
  6. by   elBSN
    For those of you that got accepted- how much care tech/other experience did you have when you applied? Are you enjoying working at this hosptial?
  7. by   SailorWifey
    Quote from elBSN
    For those of you that got accepted- how much care tech/other experience did you have when you applied? Are you enjoying working at this hosptial?
    Hi elBSN! I just noticed this comment and thought I would answer it. Sorry I didn't see it sooner! I had experience as a summer nurse extern (NOT at Georgetown) and also about a year of experience as a nursing assistant. I absolutely love working at the hospital! I have had such a wonderful experience and I am so thankful that I started my career here!
  8. by   haleyx91
    Kimchichi I just wanted to get some information from you about the Summer Extern Program? I have an interview in 3 weeks and am extremely nervous! Any pointers?

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