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  1. I am applying for a ICU position at George Washington University Hospital. I feel that if I work in the city I would need to live in the city since the metro says it doesn't open until 7am on the weekends! What am I suppose to do if I have to work a weekend day shift? Cab it? If I was in walking distance I would be able to walk. Does the metro open earlier than 7am on weekends? Does the hospital have parking available for nurses on the weekends? I really wasn't planning on taking a car...but I may have to.

    I have a interview March 19th! I'm excited! I'm relocating from NC for a new experience and starting FNP at GWU in the Fall!

    Any advice on places to live for a single female? I've heard The State House in Dupont is has good rent if you can find a vacancy!!!

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    Sorry for replying this long after you posted, but I never get on here. I worked in the ICU at GW until September. Unfortunately, the metro does not open until 7am on weekends.
    GW requires that you work about 3 weekends out of an 8 week self-schedule. Also, they require half of that schedule to be days, have nights. I couldn't handle the switching back and forth, sleep-wise, so I mostly did nights. So I never ran into a metro issue. On the rare weekend that I did work a day shift, I just drove. There is a GW parking garage that is $10 for employees.
    I lived in Springfield, Va. It was 10-15 minutes from downtown DC. It was also a couple of minutes from the Franconia-Springfield metro station on Blue Line. It was a super-nice area, and I never ever had issues getting to and from work. Metro was about 25 -30 minutes, driving was 10-15.
    I had wanted to live in the city, but really didn't want to have to pay $2000 for renting not-so-nice place, when I could live 15 minutes away and live in a nice place for about $1500. King Street and Braddock Road are other good options for a single female..kinda affordable and close to the metro, but also good if you bring your car.
    Good Luck and congrats! Those GW ICU nurses know their stuff, it is an amazing team environment. I only left because I got married and had a baby!
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    How did your search and move go?? I'm actually currently living in NC going to East Carolina University and am really hoping that I'll be able to move back up to the DC area once I graduate in May of 2014. Do you have any advice as to how I can improve my chances and what areas are best to live as a young and single female. I know that DC is going to be very expensive and Montgomery County isn't much better.