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Hello everyone! I was wondering if anyone here is starting the intern program at George Washington University Hospital in July. I recently interviewed with them and am waiting to hear back! They... Read More

  1. by   navywifeRN
    I haven't had any prior medical experience...just my clinical experience from nursing school. I personally live in Maryland, its a lot cheaper than DC! I'm not originally from this area so I wouldn't be the person to recommend what areas are best to live (safe, clean, and affordable). Best of luck to you!!!
  2. by   navywifeRN
    I just wanted to let you know I called HR and was told that a meeting was taking place tomorrow and that she would get back to be after that more day...
  3. by   msrn1012
    i was waiting d whole day yesterday >.< thanks for letting me know!
  4. by   jennyp516
    Quote from eswanson
    Congratulations on the interviews! Wishing you all the best of luck. I just learned that I will be relocating to Washington DC at the end of this summer (too bad because I have missed many of the deadlines for the DC area). When visiting last week I stopped in to get more information about the opportunities GW offers for new grads. The nurse recruited did say that she had interviewed everyone for the July program and the candidates will be hearing if they were accepted shortly. Although moving to the area in July, I will be applying for the winter cohort. Does anyone have suggestions as to boosting my resume in the meantime? Have you all worked as patient care techs? Also, where do you plan on living? I'm looking for apartments/roommates and want to find an area that is safe, clean, and affordable (no more than $1100/mo). Thanks for all of the help! I apologize for the long post.
    I am very anxiously waiting to hear back too!! eswanson- I got an interview pretty easily with GW and I have no patient care tech experience. Hopefully this means things are improving for new grads- I also turned down a job last week at an awesome hospital (not so awesome unit). Anyway, I moved from Maryland to DC, in Capitol Hill/Eastern Market. It is right on the orange/blue line (which takes you right to GW). My rent is $1325 total, but I share with another person. I think you could definitely find something for $1100. After months of research and apt hunting, I think it was the best area to live in in DC, if you balance safety and affordability.
  5. by   navywifeRN
    May I ask what dept you applied for?
  6. by   jennyp516
    Sure! Medicine/Oncology. I was incredibly impressed with the unit from my interview experience. The only other information I gathered about other units was that the Neuro RN Internship was filled already, and that was at the beginning of June.
  7. by   navywifeRN
    That's great! I was also impressed with my experience! GW seems very organized and I love that! I also heard the ED was full and that was the 2nd week in June.
  8. by   jennyp516
    Anyone get a call today?
  9. by   msrn1012
    no call yet. >.< i'll let u guys know when i hear from the HR.
  10. by   navywifeRN
    I just called them...I didn't get it but I did have another offer. I've accepted the other offer as soon as I got off the phone with GW. I am simply grateful for having a job!!! Good luck to you guys!!!
  11. by   jennyp516
    Congrats on your other offer!!
  12. by   navywifeRN
    Thank you! Good luck! Hope you hear something soon!
  13. by   msrn1012
    wow. congratulations on the offer!