Anyone familiar with Sibley Memorial?

  1. Hi - just pinging the waters to see if anyone out there works at Sibley. If they do, I'm very interested in knowing more about the hospital, since I don't see much about it. Is it a good place to work? Is it a teaching hospital? How are the nurses treated? Is it a good environment generally? Where does the pay start?

    I'm thinking of applying there, but wanted to find out more about it. Thanks for your time.
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  3. by   siren1
    Very different part of the city from WHC. Upscale clients, not a teaching hospital, not as diverse as the inner city hospitals. I did 3 clinicals there. Did you apply at WHC?
  4. by   malenurz
    I haven't even been able to get into their Dream Day program. It's been most frustrating. I would like very much to work at WHC, but I have had no luck with that so far. Where will you be working?
  5. by   siren1
    Yes the HR dept there is frustrating. I work there as a tech so i was able to get around HR. I would call them if you can and continue to bug them. They have one more dream day at the end of this month. I know it is frustrating to do so. I alos hear that howard uniersity hospital is hiring downtown. I would go to their website and apply.
  6. by   malenurz
    Thanks for the information. I guess when you're the "Big Dog" in town, you don't need to return phone calls. Thank you!
  7. by   saninani
    Wow! can't believe u cannot even get into the dream day. i have been following ur threads on whc residency and u've been trying to get in it for a long time. i hope you'd get to go on the 29th.
    i went to their dream day in march and interviewed in april. but am still waiting to hear from them. i have noticed that it is much easier and quicker to communicate via e-mail. they'll reply at least. calls and voice msgs kinda get ignored.
    g'luck with ur job hunt!!