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Where I am scores don't count (as long as it's above a 2.5), it's just first-come first-served.

I was expecting to have to wait until next year, and then got a suprise acceptance letter for this year. It took me by suprise to say the least, I was in shock for days LOL! I'm still scared & nervous, but feeling better as the days go on and my start date is getting closer. Buying my uniform & stethoscope etc., helped - I can't wait to wear them for real LOL!



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Yahoo and Congrats! You are now on your way!


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I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you. Take heart, at least your school told you there were several people ahead of you. My school won't give us any clue about our positioning on the waiting list. Maybe we'll both be as fortunate as the OP.

Thanks, alexillytom, I said a little prayer for you and sent some lucky vibes your way~~~~~~

Maybe it's best not to know your position on the waiting list, anyway, I found out the outlook ain't so good for me. :uhoh21: although she was kind enough to tell me that a few years ago all 20 alternates were used (this in a class of 40!), but last year only a couple (odd, huh?)

:balloons: Congrats to the class of 2006/8, good luck to everyone still waiting for their letters, and luck to my fellow "alternates"!!! (hey I used to be alternative in high school LOL)



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I got the call yesterday...apparently several people have decided against starting school this fall and I have been able to get a spot. I'm really happy...but then I got scared at the same time. This is what I have wanted for so long and now here it is. Just last week I posted about throwing the towel in because it just didn't seem like anything was going to come through...so to all of you who have been given alternate status or put on a waiting list...good things are still very possible. :balloons:

Congratulations, but to all who are on alternate status: Often people apply to more than one college to increase their chances/options... then when they get into more than one they obviously cancel out with the other schools. So, there's always hope, your not always just waiting for those students who've changed their minds. :roll

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