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Ward Clerk resume critique help


Hey you guys, can you please critique my resume? I am applying for a ward clerk job at a local hospital. I am 21 and I have no related job experiences. This comes out to 1 page when pasted into word. Also, one of the requirements for this job is 0-6 months experience. That means one with no experience can apply right?



Cell ; Email


College of XX, XX, CA Expected graduation: May 2015

XX Highschool 2006-2010


Health Care

- Proficient in medical terminology and human anatomy & physiology.

- Familiar with HIPAA

- BLS-HCP certified; expires June 2016


- Experienced in document formatting, proofreading, and file sorting.

- Able to type 78 words per minute with 98% accuracy.

- Skilled in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

- Computer literate.

Team based

- Problem solved, prioritized, and participated in team projects in nursing school.

- Worked in pairs at nursing simulation labs and developed stronger teamwork skills.


XX Medical Center: XX Emergency Department (January 2013 - October 2013)

- Assisted Unit Secretary with various tasks which include: collecting patient information, answering phone calls, and creating/filing documents.

- Transported patients to and from departments.

- Aided in patient discharge by readying paperwork and assisted patients with filling out forms.

applesxoranges, BSN, RN

Specializes in ER.

Yes, people with no experience can apply. I would recommend trying to get teachers, coaches, or even classmates to be references at this point. Usually try to attach 2-3 references in the reference area on the applications. Ask everyone before you apply and re-ask in 3 months.

I'd drop the HCP part of the BLS unless they specifically ask for the CPR in that manner. BLS is only healthcare provider since the lower level is heart saver although non-healthcare providers can take the class. I may include AHA in front of it.

Throw in something about customer service. Healthcare is very customer service oriented.

For ward clerk, I would consider adding in phone skills. You will page a lot of people.

What is your major? Is it nursing? Is it radiology tech? Is it medical office administration? Is it basket weaving? I'll assume nursing so that is important to put down. If you have your CNA, put that down as many people are going to unit clerks/patient care techs

I'd drop file sorting and instead include something like standard office equipment. As a unit clerk I troubleshooted the copier and sent a lot of faxes.

I'd bullet point some of the tasks you did under related experience.