Wants to go from Stepdown to Postpartum

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Dear Nurse Beth,

I have been a PCU/Step-down nurse for a little over 5 years. Stressful floor, we do insulin drips (I hear some PCU floors do not do them and only ICU at some hospitals, its hourly glucose checks and titration) heparin gtts, pre and post open heart surgery patients so chest tubes, fresh TAVR patients, and just recently stabilized vent patients and of course, many other patients, so point being it's a high-stress floor we are 3:1 (California).

I am done being a PCU nurse, the patients are very critical and a lot of time ICU downgrades prematurely to get a bed open for another patient. My goal is to be in Women's health but not sure in what capacity. Today I had an interview for L&D, the Nursing Director for Women's health interviewed me and stated she was impressed by me, not sure she says that to all her applicants but regardless, I feel it went well, and I am expecting to be offered that job, although I am well aware it's possible I don't, I am not trying to be boastful 🙂

Anyway, where I really want to be is postpartum, yes, I said it PP. I want the easy, less stressful job. Please don't be too harsh on me for saying it, I put my time in. I am more than capable of doing L&D, I know I can push through it, enjoy it, make a difference, and do a good job. I really don't have doubts about my skills or patient care.

My question is, should I reach out to the director who interviewed me and state that I hope to be considered for PP and if I can't have it to have L&D? I will say this is a better way and more professionally, but I am not sure what to do. I interviewed for L&D because PP wasn't listed even though I know they are interviewing for PP. Thank you for listening and I really do appreciate any advice, thank you!

Dear Done,

Yes, reach out to the Director. Thank her for the opportunity you were given to interview. You could say something like "Thank you for the L&D interview, and I just want you to know I also am very interested in PostPartum if there are any opportunities".

In some situations, it could be awkward to tell the nursing leader you are interviewing for one unit but really want another. In the case of Women's Health, the maternal units are all most certainly bundled under one Director. PostPartum positions are not sought after as much L&D positions, so there's a chance the Director could even be thrilled.

Bottom line is, it sounds very promising as they were impressed by you. They want you. Take what you are offered, and if it isn't your first choice, no worries. You will soon have insider's advantage for jobs in your first choice unit.

Best wishes and congrats on making choices for your overall well-being.

Nurse Beth