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Wants to Earn Nurse Educator Certification

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Dear Nurse Beth,

I am interested in the nurse educators certificate but, I am a pre licensed RN, still doing my boards. Please, what's the way to go?

Dear Doing Boards,

There's  Nurse Educator Certification and there's a Nursing Staff Development Specialist certification. The Nurse Educator certification is for nurses working in academia and nursing programs, and the Nursing Staff Development Specialist certification is for nurses working in acute care in Staff development.

When you become certified, you serve as a leader and role model in your specialty. It's a mark of professionalism and expertise.

I think it's amazing you have a goal of being certified and see the value. First, after you pass the NCLEX (and good luck!), you will work for at least a couple of years practicing as a registered nurse. If your interest is still in education at that time, then you can explore eligibility options and study for your certification exam. Eligibility requirements vary somewhat, but always include a combination of experience in the field and academic degree. 

Typically you must have a couple of years working as faculty in a nursing program for a Nurse Educator, or working in Staff Development for a Nursing Professional Development Specialist.

I myself am a certified Nursing Staff Development Specialist and I couldn't love the role more. To become certified, I attended a pre-conference certification prep course offered by my professional organization, the Association of Nursing Professional Development (ANPD).

The exam was hard and I learned so much preparing for it. The fact that it was hard makes the accomplishment even more meaningful to me.

Best of luck to you,

Nurse Beth

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