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Dear Nurse Beth,

Besides education, what is the best way to progress into that first management job? I have been in nursing for 8 years and am ready for a change.

Dear Ready for a Change,

The best way is to apply.

On any given unit, there are only a handful of nurses who stand out as potential managers. Be in that handful. As a clinical bedside nurse, you want to demonstrate leadership qualities. Be a preceptor. Serve on your unit based council, and volunteer for projects. Be a Super User for any rollouts and initiatives.

Have you served as Shift Leader or Charge Nurse? Often clinical bedside nurses with leadership potential are chosen to be charge nurses as an entry-level management position.

From there, you can apply for a manager position.

Have a talk with your manager and let her know your goals. Ask for her advice and help, and ask who she might recommend as a mentor. Good luck!

Best wishes,

Nurse Beth

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