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Wanting to start my RN to BSN degree online USF UWF UCF FIU NSU


Hello there !

I am interested in starting soon my bsn online preferably since I will be working overnight and it will get some getting used to.

I also reside in Fl (close to Jacksonville) and would actually like to hear back from anyone that is in a bsn online program that has a brick and mortar presence here in FL. It would be great if I never or very, very rarely have to set foot onto the campus itself.

I am looking to use my bsn to help me get a hospital critical care position that will in turn, help me get into CRNA school eventually, so regionally accredited and nationally accredited schools that might help me land a local job in Jacksonville are at the top of my list !


Specializes in Emergency Department, ICU. Has 7 years experience.

Following- will be looking at BSN programs next year with similar goals :) Please let me know what you find out and decide to do! Best of luck!

Hey looking into getting into nursing school, whats some of the best school to apply for in GA ?

I just applied to USF RN to BSN online, the application for that just opened September 1st and closes end of November. You have to apply as undergrad first it's 30.00. I asked around at work for the past 2 years about which program to do, Santa Fe is A LOT of online discussions to answer, and I had one coworker who dropped out over that. Chamberlain is expensive, Jacksonville U is expensive, UF is about to start an online BSN program, they are trying to get it up and running for the spring. I heard really good things about USF, my choices were UCF or USF, both are about $300/ credit, I went with USF because I heard their application process was less involved than UCFs.

Thank you so much for your answers !

Awhile back, id say a few years, UF had an RN to BSN. I wonder what happened to it then.

how would you rate UF's program vs. USF 's ? I actually wouldn't mind waiting out till the Spring to get into UF's program.