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so i am also a new grad, "Old New grad", got my first job in psych nursing, just because it was the first one that was offered to me after a long year-and-a-half spinning like my head-cut-off, looking for a job in medsurg... did literally everything, from job fairs, to referrals, to tens of hours of CEs and certifications, to non-profits to help me with resume and interviews, whole ten yards.. but no success..

not so much happy with psych nursing, been here 6 months, and want to get out asap, as all of u might know, it is very easy to be pigeon holed in this field, plus no vertical movement, not a lot of options when u start in psych.. so i am starting to look again for a chance to work in medsurg.. i have iv therapy cert which i dont get to use, acls, and next month, will take a chemo provider course.. i know i have the transferrable skills, i work hard, and i am malleable..

does anybody have an idea on how to transfer from psych to medsurg?

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i know nurses who do both. work one pt and the other ft. i cannot see why with all of your accomplishments in nursing (certs etc.) you cannot land a med surg job. unless you live in an area that requires up to two years acute care (hospital) adult med surg experience. if this is the case, then this is the only thing holding you back.

try joining a local nursing organization. sometimes this helps because hiring managers (not hr reps) will be members and active in events. this may be a way for you to network so that you can land a job. have resumes available when you attend meetings and events. gl!

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