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Hey, I am a nurse from India. my fiancée is a physician on H1b in US. We are planning to get married but once i move with him to USA , i will not be able to work as my visa will not allow. I can not leave my work, as i love being a nurse. I applied for Nurse practitioner programs to two universities and have got accepted into one of them. On one hand, i am really excited as it was my long cherished dream to go for advanced practice. But i am coming across the information of "no sponsored jobs" for US graduates with foreign citizenship (even for NPs). Is it actually so ? I am really upset as it will leave me with no other option. How hard is to get a job after completing adult gerontological primary care NP for foreign nurses ?

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Who knows how hard it will be for NP to find a job in the US and be sponsored for H1b. Things are tough at the moment in the US so may take a long time to find someone willing to go the H1b route as employer has to pay all expenses.


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Honestly, I graduated with my FNP certification and got a job readily...along with all my classmates. I don't think any of them were seeking H1b visas however, but in the event you were pursuing working with a larger organization it would be more likely. Since you are pursuing gerentological nursing, it will be more limiting and you may find it a little more difficult to get a job. Meanwhile, you can still do the same care (just not have the specialization) with an FNP and increase your likelihood of getting a job readily that fits your needs.


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i am a indian male nurse can u plz say what does FNP prcation mean do foreign nurses are allowed for that job

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i am a indian male nurse can u plz say what does FNP prcation mean do foreign nurses are allowed for that job

IN the US you MUST receive further college education at the Masters /doctorate level. Without further education you will not qualify for any of those jobs.


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I understand that in general getting sponsorship for visa after advanced degree in nursing is more difficult than it used to be a couple of years back, but it depends in the area where you intent to practice. Go for states with higher nursing demands you have better chances. I know a couple of my friends that made it in Wisconsin. Generally situation is too tight for international grads and I would say if you chance to any other country with better economy, do not hesitate. Nursing in USA for international nurses is no more colorful as it used to be in the past.


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thanq vijayalakshmi madam can u plz let me know on what course ur frds wqent to us for studies