Wanting back into L&D or MB or nursery...ADVICE?

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I've been an RN for 18 months (I'm 38)--started in my first love: L&D, working nights. While I LOVED L&D, the 12 hour nights proved to be difficult on me and my family at the time--and I worked in a pretty hostile environment :( (the night nurse manager was complete split personality...very moody (bipolar?). I had oriented on days and thought I was in HEAVEN...then transitioned to nights and NIGHTMARE staffing issues. Sad :( )For my sanity I left that position after 6 months (there was a 2 yr wait list to go back to days) and went to an ambulatory surgery hospital working M-F 7a-3p. While we see a variety of patients (post-surgical pts who stay the night)--the majority of nursing is ortho.

Talking with the nurses I work with, 2 of them told me they basically got "stuck" in ortho because of the schedule. Since those conversations I'm panicking a bit. I like my M-F schedule...but miss the babies/pedi/L&D. I'm thinking I've already been set on the path of ortho nursing since I've been here a year...but hoping it's not too late to make a change.

Anyone else been in this position? Any advice? I've gone ahead and very recently applied for L&D and nursery postions and mother/baby....but wondering of my chances?



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Don't give up! I faced the same challenge not too long ago. I moved to a new area after I married and could not find any OB jobs, Ended up on MEd/Surg for a few years before I finally got back to OB. Just be deligent and keep your eyes open.



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Thanks, I'll keep this in mind

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