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Hello Everyone!

I recently got a new job working Labor & Delivery after working five years of Postpartum and four years of pediatric clinic work. The position is with a different hospital from where I worked PP.


What I would like is for all of you L&D RNs to please share with me some of your 'words of wisdom' you all have learned from your own experiences, instead of from the textbooks. Things that make the delivery experience for everyone involved to go smoothly!

Thanks in Advance!


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Where to start...First, trust your feelings..If you have an instinct for something, investigate why

Get to know the nurses and docs and approach them the same way you approached this post, as an opportunity to learn. Take it day by day and get the routines of the unit..The rest will come...


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HI there I am in the same boat I have been doing post partum as well as float through hospital and now I am beggining to orient in labor and delivery. I must say it is scary but there are always experienced nurses available for help. Do you guys have interns or residents we don't so it's only the nurse who cares for this patient and the MD is called at the last moment and hopefully they get there in time.Let us know how it goes over time :coollook:



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Congrats on coming into a wonderful field! Remember that it takes many years to feel really confident in L&D and that's okay. No one should ever be too confident. Take it one day and one experience at a time. You'll get there.


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I recently started in L&D also. I have learned their motto....."YOU NEVER TRUST A PREGNANT WOMAN." Because, every delivery is a potential emergency. Also, if a pregnant woman tells you somethings wrong, believe her; or if she says she has to push....(even if she's a prima and you checked her 5 minutes ago and she was 5,) believe her and check her again.

I have made some mistakes, but all my cowarkers are very nice and help. I never take it personal if they correct me, my patients are top priority, because I have at least two with every delivery.

Good Luck

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