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Wanted: A smoking nurse!

Specializes in Occupational Health; Adult ICU.

I get that there's an issue between the "wear a mask," and "don't wear a mask," and this is not about that.

I'd rather see a person NOT wear a mask than wear a "vented" mask.

If I were a smoker, I'd do this myself, but If I took one puff, I might end up in the hospital with an asthma attack.

Here's what I'd like to see:

The image below is a vented mask, the worst of the breed, as the "venting" is facing forward, therefore if a person coughs I believe that the exhalation will be forcibly vented, pushing any aerosols much farther than without a mask and much, much father than with a non-vented mask.

Here's what I'd like to see:

Take a drag from a cigarette (only if you already are a smoker please--I am a nurse, after all) then put a vented (preferably forward vented mask) on and cough while filming it with your phone.

Then take another drag and put a non-vented mask on, and cough while filming.

Lastly you might simply want to take a drag and cough without any mask.

I'd suggest doing this against a different background-- I don't know if white or black is better.

If this experiment shows that the vented mask increases aerosol travel as compared to a mask with no vent, then my theory is correct.

Put such a video on Youtube.

There's a challenge and of course, there's a second challenge....quit!

vented forward mask.png


Specializes in Occupational Health; Adult ICU.

12 hours ago, canoehead said:

Usually the vents are filtered.

Interesting, as all the ones that I have seen were unfiltered, simply a hole with a thin, flexible disk of latex rubber. Yesterday, I noticed that my local hospital has banned vented masks. Perhaps the manufacturers have wised up and added a filter.

Would you take a photo and post it please? I'm curious.


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