i want to be a male nurse but im not sure which type of nursing career to study for

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ive been trying to find a job for a year no luck but i notice that every person ive ever talked to since then has recommended me to go into the healthcare field im a 24 year old African American male ive never been to college or had much job experience but now im serious about trying to do something good in my life i want to do nursing because i dont think ill be smart enough for computers and theres so much uncertainty in computers as far as your job being in demand and its just not stable i want something in nursing where i can get a job easily i just want to get out of my parents house and feel some sence of accomplishment and be able to rent a nice apartment buy a decent car i want to study but not long only 2 or 3 years i was under the impression nursing was just 1 career but theres many different ones and im not sure which one to choose by the way i live in indiana im thinking about attending indiana university in gary because its close i would appreciate any advice to help me make my decision

Nursing is not easy and jobs are not plentiful.

If you want to be a nurse it requires a deep passion for helping people and a devotion that cannot be shaken. Nursing school is difficult and nursing itself is extremely demanding.

but theres so many degrees to choose from which is most likely to get me a job quicker and be stable?

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Sorry, but there really aren't any shortcuts to becoming a nurse.

You said that you have never attended college, so I would advise you to go ahead and enroll in some pre-requisite classes at your local Community College and see how it goes. You will need to develop study skills and discipline that you didn't need in high school. If it turns out OK, then you can move ahead. If you discover that more school is not for you, then you should explore alternatives.

I don't know about your part of the country, but in my area, the skilled trades are in very high demand - electrician, HVAC, welder, etc. My brother in law is a specialty welder and makes >$100k per year. This education is also available at community colleges. The end result will be a career that can also meet all your goals. Many have built-in apprentice programs so you begin to earn $ before you even graduate. Plus, you won't have to work nights & holidays while being exposed to potentially deadly diseases on a regular basis. The initial salary may not be as high as a new grad nurse, but over time, the salary increases will just continue to rise while nurses top out after about 5 years. In order to reach higher salary levels in nursing, you would have to continue your formal education - to include graduate school.

Best of luck to you in your decision.

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