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Hello Oregon nurses,

My husband and I want to relocate to Oregon sometime in the future. I was wondering what the average pay is for RN's compared to the cost of living. I have 6 years of experience on a cardiothoracic floor. Right now I am working in an area that pays RN's fairly well, so I think I would probably be taking a pay cut no matter where I went. Thanks for your help!

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I live right smack in the middle of the Willamette Valley, where the cost of living is fairly high but not as much as in the cities (Eugene, Portland). The hospitals pay quite well (somewhere between $28-42/hr. base rate) and even though I work in a LTC facility, which pays poorly by comparison, my family and I live relatively comfortably. We have a large, older house on 2.75 acres in an upscale neighborhood, two cars, and we're certainly not wondering where our next meal is coming from........I guess it all depends on what your priorities are and how big your family is.

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Thanks for your reply. We were looking at houses for sale in Oregon and were a little concerned because they seem a little more pricey than where we are from. But it sounds like you are doing OK, so that makes me feel a little better. 2.75 acres-that would be great!


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I know you will just love it here. I live in the Southwest, Maplewood area of Portland. The area is greener than green and smells like Santa's Village. Why every other evergreen tree that grows here is a Douglas fur, so one's nose is in utter heaven on crispy fall mornings.

I know you will find solid work here, since you are highly specialized. I am working on renewing my ACLS and what a headache! My last employer was paying me 32.22 an hour. Hope all goes well with you!!!!

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