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Want be a Hospice Nurse


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I very much want to pursue Home Health and Hospice Nursing. However, it seems that every job posting for these positions asks for experience in Home Health. How does a newbie break into field to get that ever required experience? Also, I have been working in Blood Banking, Occupational Health, and Dialysis for the last 15 years so do not have "recent" acute care experience. Is there any way for me to get into Home Health/Hospice or am I destined to forever being an outsider?

I have had the opportunity to care for several family members and/or friends at home during their final weeks. But this is not "officiallly" experience. I have a real heart for this kind of Nursing and think that I would be very good at it. I know that it isn't for everyone. But, based on my experience when working in acute care 15 years ago and those experiences with family and friends, I honestly think that I do my best Nursing when caring for the dying. Is there any hope for me?

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It might be a good idea to call the hospices you're interested in, and asking them what your chances are, with them, and generally...since they're the ones who do the hiring!


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Try an agency that staffs private duty, sometimes the experience translates as home health. I started doing home care after caring for a friend's dying mother...the note of recommendation they wrote for me was all I needed to get into home health, and eventually home hospice. Good Luck...I love working Hospice.

Just gather all your employment info together and visit a home health/hospice agency dressed to interview and inquire/apply. Every agency I have visited would start the hiring process right then and there with someone who walked in the door. They look for nursing experience, not just home health or hospice nursing experience.

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