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Want Help With Interviews/Personal Statement?


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Hey guys, after getting rejected by my first two schools, (didn't get an interview invite to either) one of which I felt I more than adequate qualifications, I began to look at how I could improve but really had no idea how, as I could not receive feedback from my schools.

That's when I found my friend "JacobILoved" 's CRNA podcast, "Propofol, please." "JacobILoved" is a current SRNA who gives valuable tips about how to interview well and give a great personal statement. I emailed him and signed up for two of his mock interviews. He refined my interview questions with me and helped revamp my personal statement, and since my time with him, I've received interviews from the next 3 schools I applied to...just like that. One of them is a top 5 program in the country that I never thought I'd even have a chance at. I was just offered a spot at one of those schools and will now be achieving my dream of becoming a CRNA, so I wanted to share my experience and give you all a chance to reach out to Josiah. His advice changed my mindset and course of my career! I can't say enough good things about him.

His podcast is linked below and that has all the info you might need to contact him!


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So nice of you to share with others. Good luck to you.