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I am an Operating Room nurse out of Vancouver. As shocking as this may be to hear, I actually don't have a job now. I lost my full time line and work casual (budget cuts and all...). I want to do some travel nursing with the goal of number 1. making money and number 2. seeing the world. So I'm not interested in working Alberta or Kentucky. Do any of you Canadian fellows have any experiences you can share with me. Working in the US? Somewhere further out like the middle east? Europe? Please share any advice. Agencies. Where to get started. The good and bad. Just anything you can share. Thanks.

(I'm putting this in the Canadian section not travel section because I want to get the perspective from fellow Canadians. Thank you for keeping this thread in "Canadian Nurses")

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Are you an RN or an LPN?

If you're an RN, try the Canadian Red Cross or Doctors w/o Borders for more info. on travel nursing.

I'm an RN. but I was thinking more along the lines of traveling to make money as opposed to volunteering with the red cross. Thank you for your reply though :)

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I know I am not Canadian... BUT I am an RN living and working in Canada so thought I would reply...

Have you checked out travelnurse, they offer travel options within Canada and last time I was in contact with them they had LOTS of work!

Also if you are looking overseas go to Australia! I know I am biased being an Aussie and all BUT there are some fantastic opportunities there for IEN with experience and LOTS of nursing agencies that help you with the process! Australia also has a national registration so you can travel throughout the whole country and work in lots of different areas!

When I looked into places to travel and nurse I looked into the middle east but there were too many things that just didn't sit right with me, especially being a single female! Yes the $ of the middle east is inviting BUT you really only reap the benefits of that if you stay 18+months!

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Okay so my friend has a gf in australia and he was applying since last yr i think but never heard from them. Im not sure if he applied directly in a hosp i gotta ask him

travel nurse seems legit compared to the other canadian travel nurse sites i googled.

and one more thing ive heard here that there's this filipino guy that moved here in canada but works in saudi arabia and he makes 10000 USD a month. Which is a lot so he's just like going back and forth. Did 3 months there and came back in winnipeg bought a home. Im still in the process of confirming this. Apparently if you are a US or canadian RN saudi arabia is willing to pay you more

as for canadian travel nsg, im still doung research cause most of the topics here tackle US travel nsg.

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