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Hello, I previously attend a nursing school in Fl and was dismissed because of my 2 failing grades. I went into respiratory school and I have been an RRT for 6 years now. I want to go back to nursing school because I really want to be a nurse. So far I have applied to 3 deferent programs and didn't get in because I previously got dismissed from a nursing school. I have an AA degree in prenursing and a BS degree in respiratory from a different school. Every time I send the transcript showing my previous nursing courses, I get denied. Should I just mentioned my AA degree only? It's so hard for me to get into a nursing school. Please help.

What you need to do if you haven't already, is meet in person with the admissions counselor at whatever school you are wanting to attend. Paper applications, transcripts, etc are received by the hundreds at an admissions office and as you know, getting into most nursing schools is not easy so if they are looking are your information versus someone who has higher grades it's a given they would move onto that candidate. In person you can ask them what you can do to make yourself more admissible. One option would be to repeat the classes you failed then apply. Don't give up.

I don't know. To me, even though she failed her first time trying, the fact that she got through school and has been working as an RRT shows me that she's more likely to actually pass this time.

I'd just talk to whoever runs the programs and explain the situation, explain that she's gone through school for respiratory and passed and has been working in it. And follow your advice of asking what she can do to improve her chance of getting accepted.

Also, don't overlook the LPN option. An LPN is still a nurse. And in most states, the difference between the two is very minimal. Then you can always use a bridge program to move up to an RN (and that gets easier since there's less of you applying, and you're taking the spots of people who failed out of school, rather than being the 200 people fighting over 60 spots. Admission tends to be more lenient for an LPN than someone starting from the beginning). You don't have to start as an RN. That's actually the harder route to take because you're learning some more advanced concepts with 0 working experience in nursing.

Just wondering, are you unhappy with being a RRT? Or do you just really want to be a nurse? I only ask because I'm currently in school for respiratory and I love it so far. It seems to be a great field with a pretty wide scope of practice. I think respiratory is such an underrated field that doesn't get enough credit.

Anyway, I think it would be best if you contacted somebody in the nursing department of the schools you're applying to, and asked to meet with them in person. Either the director of admissions, or program director perhaps? That way you can explain to them your situation of having been in nursing school before and ask them what you can do to enhance your application. I have a friend who failed out of nursing school, and then several years later she got accepted into another program. I believe she met with the program director and submitted a letter of why she was unsuccessful her first time in nursing school and what she intended to do the second time around to improve.

Sorry to hear that you've been getting rejected from schools only for submitting your previous nursing transcripts, I think that's terrible and unfair. You're only being honest with them, that would make a good applicant in my book. In fact many schools dislike when you DON'T submit all previous transcripts as they see it as falsifying your application. I would make an appointment to speak with the director of the program to discuss your situation and go from there. Best of luck to you!

Hi and thanks for taking your time to give me those great advice. I have been an RRT for 4 years now and mostly work in critical care areas and my pay is in the high $30. Respiratory is a great profession but we just don't really get enough recognitions like you mention. I already have a BS degree In cardiopulmonary science and trying to get my master degree and don't really have more option beside being a PA and I don't really want to go that route. Nursing is somthing I been wanted to do in first place but it didn't work out for me and that's why I went to respiratory school. I just want to go back to nursing and continue what I was called to do. I love taking care my patients and I believe having a degree in nursing, I will be able to go further in my education.

Yes, unfortunately RT is an underrated and under appreciated field. Even as a student I can see it. Also in clinical I am sometimes mistaken for a nurse by patients, that part really bothers me lol. I have nothing against nurses, but there really needs to be more respect for RRT's, all this "nurse appreciation", "thank a nurse", etc. nurses are indeed hard working and most of them are great at what they do but I wish people stopped acting like they're the only ones involved in a patients care. I'm sure you know about Respiratory Care appreciation week every October, but it really gets little recognition.

When you say you want to go into nursing to further your education, does that mean you have plans to eventually go to grad school? Just trying to figure out your end goal to help is all. If just want to become a FNP for example, you should just go the PA route, it's less time, money and stress than first becoming a nurse (nursing school is brutal I've been in it), getting a second bachelors degree and then getting a masters. But if you want to be a more specialized NP, or CRNA then yeah, you'd have to go to nursing school of course.

Yes I'm planing on going for crna

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