want to get into Diabetes education

Specialties Endocrine


Specializes in orthopedic/trauma, Informatics, diabetes.

I know there is not a lot of traffic here but I really want to get into diabetes education. Specializing in T1 and pumping. I have 2 kids with T1

Have an MSN but need to find a place to get either a CNS in diabetes or a post-masters cert with an endocrine specialty.

I am going to try where I got my MSN but it will be more $$, even with tuition assistance.

Any info appreciated. Plan is to sit for CDE this summer.

Have you talked to the practisoners where your children are following, or the center you would like to work at? They might could tell you what the preferred education/certification is. The hospitals around me were looking for CDE. A degree was an added bonus.

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