do not want the BSN


i am an rn with an asn degree, and would like to get my bachelor's degree in another field.

i have an aa in general education (i have all credits towards the bsn), but i do not want to pursue a bsn because i do not want to be a nurse practicioner nor do i want an msn... in anything.

i like administration, and business... but how can i incorporate this into a bachelor's degree that i can mix with my nursing career. i worked very hard, and put in a lot of time into my rn degree that i do not want to just do a total career change.

any suggestions? anyone has gone thru this?

any advice would be helpful!

thank you in advance


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What about healthcare administration? Or work towards an MBA?

labrador4122, RN

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there are BSN only on health care administration? for RN's like me?

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A Bachelor's in Health Care Administration is a different degree than a BSN.

Or perhaps just a degree in Business Administration.

But those are a dime a dozen. A BSN will get you into nursing management and administration, but if you want outside of the nursing department, then you might consider HCA or BA.

Good luck.

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