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want to ask your opinion about getting a job

Here is the deal, and I am kind of torn as to what to do. The time is coming where I need to get my applications in as I graduate in a month and a half. I am now doing my focused practicums in PP and L&D. I love it there. The staff is great and I have seen very little backbiting and bickering in the two years that I have been doing clinicals there. My plan at first was to go and talk to the director (advised by many people to do this) of OB. I still think this is a good idea, but that director has since quit and a temporary director is in charge. The new director is set to take over in late June. Part of me is telling me to go and talk to the temp. director, cause it can't hurt, but the other part is telling me to not bother since the new director will probably want to hire her own new grads. Right now, I am thinking that I will talk to the temp. director anyways...who knows, maybe she will be hiring. I think I have a good chance if there are any positions of getting a job because I am doing my focused practicums here. The history has usually been that the new grads who did their focused got jobs. Well, anyways, I think I already know what to do, but just feel the need to bounce it off of more people. To all those that read and respond, thanks. Until I find a job, there will be this knot of anxiety.


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You'll find a job, don't worry. As for the choices..talk to both..open all the doors you can. If you don't try, you'll never know. Go for what you WANT, girl! Good luck!


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I agree with nurs4kids....can't hurt to talk to the temp...keep options open of course....and yes don't worry...there are plenty of jobs in the interim:)


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"talk to both..open all the doors you can. If you don't try, you'll never know. Go for what you WANT,"

The more doors that are open, the more choices you will have. If nothing else, think of the interview with the "temp" as good practice for future interviews.

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