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I am planning on starting an NP program in the fall. I will have my ADN in a few weeks but none of the hospitals around here are hiring. I do not like the nursing home at all and although I feel I will do what I have to do do not feel real confident about working in one. The run very short around here with tons of patients. I know the hospitals run short but the nursing homes seem worse.

I actually like the nursing part of nursing and have experience in health care already, just not as a nurse. I am getting afriad that I will invest all this time and get out and still not be able to find a job and have loans. I am not real excited about being a staff nurse, not due to the nursing but due to the conditions and the having so many things going on at once that seesm you need to be able to split yourself in half to do a good job. Though initally I could get a job more focused prevention like health dept. I now realize those jobs are very hard to come by.

I actually think I will like the NP job but real worried about getting in dept for it. What if I can't get a RN job before I get out of NP school in 2 years?

Our local hospital is on a hiring freeze for nursing but is advertising for 4 NP positions that say no experience necessary. Does that me no nursing experience at all or do you think it means no NP experience is ok?

Also why would they be hiring NPs and not RNs? I had heard NPs were having trouble finding jobs?

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A "no exp required" ad for NPs is probably a "no NP exp req" meaning they will take new grad NPs. In your position I would take whatever RN job you could get for now.

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