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I was wondering if anyone else out there has applied to the Walla Walla or Clarkston Nursing program for fall 2018?

I applied for 2018 in Walla Walla.

have you applied anywhere else? I missed the deadline for CBC this year but still plan on applying to WSU by July. I think letters for Walla Walla and CBC both come out next week. Finger crossed

I did apply to CBC also. I am getting very nervous for that letter!!

when are you supposed to get letters from CBC? If you get into both are you going to CBC or WW?

I applied to walla walla also. I got an email saying that they would send out letters the middle to end of May. Did you get that email?

Yes i got an email last week saying thanks for applying for the nursing program. I think Walla Walla will send out their letters next week! Fingers crossed :)

Has anyone heard anything else? I guess the committee hasn't even met as of early last week! 😭

I emailed today and asked if she could give an idea of when the letters would go out. She said there was not an exact date yet.

Do you have your CNA?

No I don't have mine yet. I'll do it in July if I get in. What about you?

Not yet. I am got into the hybrid class at Walla Walla for summer quarter. But if I don't get accepted to Nursing then I will probably drop it.

Oh cool! I was thinking about doing that but I live in tri-cities and work full time. What score do you have?

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