Walden University vs. Regis College

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I am currently deciding between these two schools. I have read good and bad about both but more information is available about Walden. I have read that Regis can be brutally difficult. I can deal with difficult, I expect FNP school to be hard. So, what it is boiling down to for me is the fact that Walden clinicals are in family practice, peds and women's health. Regis requires the same clinicals but allows the students to do 100 hours in a specialty of their choice. I don't know how important that might be. Any opinions on this and these schools in general?

I would say to go to the school that's not well-known as a for-profit diploma mill. I don't know much about Regis, but it's a nonprofit, so that's a step up from Walden.

Thank you for your input! I just wish I could find more about Regis. The price of Regis is close to the same as Walden, which I keep thinking is odd since one is for profit and one is not. I have had discussions on facebood fnp pages from Walden grads who say they worked for their degree but I am still concerned. This is a big investment and a big decision!

Have you visited both schools and talked to the nursing program people?

I have talked to nursing program people but I am not near either school

I have talked to nursing program people but I am not near either school

I didn't live near either of the graduate schools to which I applied, either, but I wouldn't have considered enrolling in either without visiting the school and talking to people, including current students. I realize Walden probably wouldn't bother, but does Regis not do interviews as part of their acceptance process?

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