Wakemed and Cape Fear Valley


Anyone know anything about either of these places? What their new grad programs are like? What working at either place is like?


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Wakemed and Rex were voted hospitals with the highest nursing satisfaction. They are very hard to get into. Wake med has filled all new grad positions. I just applied for a new grad position and was told by HR that they recieved 98,000 applications last year for all jobs there(Im guessing about half were nursing). So you, myself and everyone else wants to work their. It is a beautiful hospital. I did a peds rotation during LPN school and loved the atmosphere. I have heard through the grapevine that they are not hiring right now for any nursing positions. Not sure how true that is. I have family that works there and still can't get in the door.

I know nothing about Cape fear but did see a few new grad postings on their website.

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I applied to the May 2009 Grad Fellowship at Wakemed, but with my luck I won't be considered since by that time I will officially have been out of school for a year.

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