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Hi everyone,

I was hoping that someone could tell me whether or not the nursing programs in SLC/Ogden area have large waiting lists or not. My husband is Air Force and we are looking to move from Nellis AFB (Las Vegas) to possibly Hill AFB (Ogden). Las Vegas currently does not have much of a waiting list issue at all and we have considered staying here for me to enter into a program but it would be much better for my husband's career if we did not stay here too long (we've been here 4 years already). Since we are a team we want to do what is best for both of our careers so moving would be best as long as there wasn't significant issues with waiting for a nursing program (We originally wanted to move to Colorado but I've heard that the waiting is outrageous! :smackingf ). If anyone has any insight, it would be wonderful!

Thanks for your help!


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Just wanted to let you know, My husband is miliatry and were stationed at Hill AFB, I graduated from Weber State and thier RN program. There are a few colleges there in the area. There is Davis Applied Technology college, you can do the LPN program thru them and then as long as grades aregood, you can spin right into Weber's RN program, they have a contractual agree ment. I would definaley reccomend this program. When we moved there I looked around and spoke with hospitals and they stated they would hire a DATC student anyday. The waiting lists are long for both places, so I would apply now and star on your prereq's if you havent done that already!!!DATC is an accelaratged program and it is a lot cheaper than Weber. I was accepted into both programs, but choose DATC b/c I would finish in 18 months with my RN and being Military you never know how long you will be in one place, I was aceepted to two other colleges before we got there and we left before i could start. I was the class presisnet of both LPN and RN classes, so I can get you the names and numbers of the ladies you need to speak too!! I wish you the best of luck, Please PM me if you need any further help with this!!

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Additionally, most of the info from the above poster is still correct, however some things must have changed as of late. As for the majority of the programs in the SLC/Ogden area, there are no waiting lists(not necessarily as good as it sounds!) SL Community College still maintains a WL, which is about 3 years, but Weber, DATC, U. of Utah, & Westminster select competively from a new group of applicants each session. If you have a high GPA in pre-reqs, great healthcare experience, & great ref's you have a descent shot at getting right in. U of U and Westminster are BSN programs & require considerably more pre-req's. U of U is extremely competitive to get into & Wmstr. costs $9000 per semester. Realistically, there are a lot more people here wanting to go to school than slots available. I am currently a student at DATC (Kaysville), which is a great program as the above poster stated. In the past year I've gone through the research and apply process pretty extensively here, so if you have any other questions feel free to ask.


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I'm finishing my RN at Weber in the fall - then will go on to (optional) BSN. I was very lucky, I got in on my first try. I had not yet worked as a CNA but had some significant volunteer experience. Like the prior poster said, there is not a waiting list from year to year - you must reapply. However, you might get shortlisted as I did at the DATC in Kaysville, if anyone on the "in" list drops out over the summer. Go to UtahStudentNurses.org and take a look at the list of Utah nursing schools there.


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I lived in Ogden, Ut for 2 years while my wife finished her BSN at Weber. Her daughter had good grades and had to try for 3 years to get into Weber's progrom at Utah State in Logan. While we were there, I worked with several medics, phlebotamists, etc who had been trying to get into one of the RN programs for a couple of years. No waiting lists, but many more applicants each year than available slots.

One other consideration. A few years ago the Utah legislature changed residency requirements for in state tuition. Now you must live in Utah for 2 full years to get the in state rate. Otherwise, expect to pay 2-3 times the amount residents pay.

Good luck

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