What scrub waistbands or brands would you recommend to keep your scrubs from sliding down when you bend over? I'm a little bit bigger girl and have kind of a big butt (for lack of a better way of putting that) and I am having a hard time finding scrubs that fit me correctly.

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My waist has grown with my age, And I have this problem too. Nothing worse then leaning over and knowing you've got plumbers crack showing....

I bought wonder wink women's wonder flex... they come higher on my waist, have elastic all the way around with a tie too to keep things where they belong.. and because the material is a bit flex (not really stretchy) the material doesn't get caught on my knees when I bend and pull my pants down... (I do take them in from the knee down so the leg openings aren't so wide.)

I get the tops too... when you buy them in them in XL or above sizes they are a bit longer on the arm and torso and help with coverage.

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I love the waist bands of the greys anatomy pants. Stretch in the back, tie in the front. Don't dig in. Also recently

I've bought a pair of jockey yoga pant fit pants... despite the name they aren't skin tight. They just have the yoga pant waist line.


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I also where Wonder Wink and I love them!!! I always wear a tank top under my shirts too just to be safe and because it feels weird not to.


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Thanks for the input everyone! I appreciate it.