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Hope this is the appropriate place for this, if not sorry.

Do experienced RN negotiate wage/salary in a hospital setting? Anyone know how compensation or HR office works when it comes to calculating how much to offer?

It'll be 2 years(come jan) of working as a RN in a med-surg floor at a trauma hospital. I got offered a position in IMCU and would begin jan. I'm expecting more because of the hospital I worked at provides so much experience and of course now working at IMCU.

But I'm not sure what the general pay is for this sort of thing. Any advice will be great. Thank you

klone specializes in Women's Health/OB Leadership.

Most hospitals use an algorithm based on your number of years of experience. And if it's union, it's very black and white, with no room for negotiation.

HouTx specializes in Critical Care, Education.

Hospitals have a salary matrix that determines the salary range for each job code. Your position on the range is based on specific criteria (years of experience, certifications, etc). There is little or no likelihood of negotiation for staff jobs because of the Federal regulations involved. If an organization pays different salaries for the same job/same qualifications... they are opening themselves to charges of discrimination. When it comes to management jobs, there's more wiggle room.

So - go ahead and negotiate, but it's probably not going to make any difference.

Meriwhen specializes in Psych ICU, addictions.

If it's a union hospital, don't even bother because your salary will be predetermined based on your years' experience, credentialing, and/or whatever other factors.

Otherwise, you can certainly try negotiating because you will have nothing to lose. But don't expect miracles--you might be able to wiggle some extra small change. The likelihood of you negotiating an extra $5/hr, however, is incredibly small.

Best of luck!


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