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WA state nursing student moving to Montana after graduation


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I am currently in my first year of nursing school in Eastern WA but my husband lives in Shelby, MT due to his new job which he has agreed to be there for 7 years for, therefore after I graduate June 2014 I will be moving to that area and will be looking for a job. I am wondering if it would be better to take the NCLEX in Montana or Washington, or if it makes any difference. I am also wondering if anyone knows the outlook on new grads getting a job in the Cut Bank/Shelby area. Having already spent a majority of our short marriage separated I really don't want to have to get a job far away from him. I am going to try and get a job as a CNA there this summer, but only if they will take someone for 3 months. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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I don't think there is a difference between which state you take the NCLEX. It is a national test so it should be the same across the country.

youl probly find somthin out there considering your wantin to move to the BFF had good time huntin out there good luck

It would make more sense to apply for an MT license since that is where you are planning on working. You can write to any board and apply for licensure when you take the NCLEX it doesn't matter if you currently live there or not.


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I'm not so much worried about where I am taking the NCLEX but how successful I will be in finding a job. Is anyone familiar with that area or rural areas in Montana in general and how willing they are to hire new grads? I'll apply to the new grad jobs in Great Falls as well but I would rather not have a 2 hour commute every work day, especially if it is 12 hour shifts. I'm used to larger areas where they have new grad only positions available and am just not sure how the rural world of medicine works.