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General question for folks. Do people volunteer and if you do- do you volunteer as a nurse or just give your time in another way? I enjoy volunteering but wanted to get other people's opinions on what they do. I have always volunteered in the skills/areas (not location) I know best-I guess for comfort. I am a very new RN (just passed boards this week) and I was a social worker and starting to think about how to best "give back" now that I am a nurse...




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I am an RN student. I don't know if you are talking about other organizations, or just healthcare. But I volunteer with the Salvation Army during Christmas holidays. I have rung the bell, but don't know if I will do that anymore. If I do, it will most likely be right after Thanksgiving, because it's not as cold yet, and people are more generous then than they are right before Christmas. I like to work the "angel tree" at one of the malls, and filling stockings (you can get them in bunches of 25 and choose age group and gender), and working at the distribution center. The stocking project is fun, especially when you get others at work or church involved, by letting them help fill them. You can fill a lot from shopping at the dollar store. And I always adopt an angel or two off of the tree. It's so much fun and rewarding.

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I am still a student. But I volunteer as a tutor for a little boy 2 hours each week, it is a lot of fun and actually relaxing. I guess actual nurses will be able to give you a better idea of volunteer opps for nurses. It is just fun for me to do something totally unrelated to nursing for a little while, that is still worthwhile. This may sound cliche but it is just very fulfilling and always makes me smile. okay, I knew that was going to come out sounding cheesy! :)

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I am a hospice volunteer and I also participate in the adopt a senior program in nursing homes program here.



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What do you do for hospice and is there some type of training that you take? Also, what is the adopt a senior program? Both of those sound like things I would love to do, since I eventually want to get into geriatrics and then hospice.

By the way, Rayrae, you don't sound cheesy; you sound sweet! I'm sure tutoring with reading is very rewarding. I love to read to my son, and it has made him take such an interest in books and tying to learn how to read (he's four). Thanks for doing such a worthwhile thing!

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