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I was thinking about getting involved with a local hospital's volunteer program while I await the beginning of my nursing courses. Anyone think this is a good idea to prepare me for what I'll be dealing with or just a waste of time and energy?


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Nothing that is done with good intentions is a waste of time. You will see many things but above all else you will be a needed help. Go for it!


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Could you clarify what you mean by 'volunteer program'? It makes a big difference if you're volunteering as a candystriper or pink lady (no medical stuff in either) vs. volunteering in some sort of nurse tech type position in which you actually interact with patients to some extent other than giving visitors room numbers or serving coffee.

Nothing against candystripers or pink ladies, understand. Just that I don't know how much those positions would benefit your future employment (other than being seen and getting to know a few people).

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I've been volunteering for the past few months and I'm really glad I am. I've learned a lot about what nurses do (well, in the ICU at least), and I'm sure I've made the right decision to go to nursing school. Of course it's not a waste of time. The hospital I volunteer for has over 300 volunteers there. They really depend on them.

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