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Volunteering at a Pregnancy Center


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I'm really only posting in this section because I am a pre-nursing student and am hoping there are an array of people who can help :)

So, today I emailed a pregnancy center asking whether they had any positions available. I just received an email back saying that they don't because they're a small non-profit organization but that they have volunteer openings. I asked what the volunteer role pertains to but have not received a response yet. I'm just kind of nervous because the town that I am in now is very pro-life. Ever since we came into Minnesota I've seen a ton of anti abortion billboards. Should I reject the opportunity if this pregnancy center is pro-life? Since I am pro-choice? Let's say the position has nothing to do with trying to talk women into keeping their child and it is just dealing with paperwork/administration, what would you do if you were pro-choice? I'm not entirely sure how values work with this.


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Hmmm. Well where I'm from, ALL the pregnancy centers other than PP are pro-life.

I don't think I'd volunteer there. I'm happy places like they exist and I believe they do some great work, but abortion is a wild, fiery topic. I don't think a pro-choice person in the middle of people dedicating their lives to their pro-life mission would, in the long run, be appreciated or comfortable.

There is no harm in just waiting to hear back and ask. Have you done any research into the center. Any indications on their! #website? You could also