Nursing in the Mission Field

  1. Hello to any fellow Christian Nurses (and Non-Christian) !!

    I am excited to find the right opportunity to serve in the Mission Field. I have 2.5 years experience as a Med/Surg Nurse and have a heart to serve internationally as a nurse and do ministry at the same time.

    Has anyone out there on this website done Nursing in in the mission field for 0ne/two weeks, a month or more??? Please share your experiences with me and what organizations you went through!!

    I am eager to go international and volunteer/serve as a nurse!!!

    ~ This Nurse Loves Jesus !!
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    I moved your thread to the Volunteer Nursing forum where you will receive a better response.

    Check out these sticky threads:

    Medical Missions Trips?

    Anyone know of any NON-DENOMINATIONAL organizations?
  4. by   isit4me?
    I just read your message. If you haven't found any help, I'd be glad to. My husband is a Chaplain in the USAF, and we just returned from a 4 year assignment in Okinawa, Japan where I met some outstanding Christian missionaries and a team that goes on medical mission trips to Cambodia and the Phillippines. In fact, it was while I was on a medical mission trip that I began thinking about becoming a nurse so I could help out in the mission field.
    I am also connected to a lady who leads medical mission trips to Africa and other countries.
    I could give you tons of info if you still need help.
  5. by   alem-tsahai
    Hi ThisnurselovesJesus,

    I completed a medical mission with an organization recommended by someone in this forum. It's called Medical Ministries International ( and they have year round one and two week missions all over the world. They are Christian based and very well organized. Their fees are very reasonable too, as you will be hard pressed to find an organization that will charge less than 1k to go on a mission.

    I spent two weeks in Peru's Amazon region, triaging patients and providing basic medical care in some very remote areas (we traveled by landcruiser, boat, motorbike, foot... pretty much whatever was available). The experience was awesome and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to get their feet wet in the humanitarian capacity.

    Feel free to PM me any questions you might have. Good luck!!

  6. by   PANurse7
    I would be interested in that information about the missions trips for nurses. I'm an LPN and a Christian and would love to help in the ministry. Thank you and God bless! Sherry (
  7. by   notthereyet0
    I don't have my RN yet, just starting on a second career in mid-life. Samaritans' Purse, based out of NC has opportunities domestically and overseas. Their website is and I think you click on "World Medical Missions". Seems like most of their posts are for docs but I am sure they need support personnel. They are a very trustworthy and well respected organization. I am hoping to do some overseas volunteering after my degree. I hear the Mercy Ship is also needing volunteers. You need to navigate the site to get to the opportunities section...God bless!!!
  8. by   PANurse7
    Thank you so much for the web sites, I will check them out. I believe God has called me in the mission field but I am married and my husband feels he has a calling on his life but not sure just what yet so I guess I'm kind of waiting? Anyway, best wishes on your RN. I'm only 2 semesters away from my RN. I would have only had one had I not gotten the flu and missed too many classes. I will keep you in my prayers!

  9. by   SixFive
    this is an older thread, but I'll answer since this is a passion of mine as well!

    I've been to Haiti 3 times on 2 week surgical/medical mission trips. The group I go with is very established so you don't have to worry about where to sleep, clean food and water, security, etc. That's what I would recommend for you. is the url (hope that's allowed, mods). There's a link on that page for upcoming mission trips.