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Hi, I am looking for short term overseas volunteer work (less than 3 months). Preferrably, no user fee and definitely not religiously affiliated. All the links here seem to be for mission... Read More

  1. by   blueberrybon
    Hi Everyone,

    I got back Saturday night/Sunday morning Dominican time. It was four hours later there.

    The trip was good, but tiring. We put in very long hours. But I saw another part of the world first hand, and I wouldn't trade that for anything.

    I was in fact the intake nurse doing vitals. We must have seen about 350 - 400 patients altogether.

    My only regret is that I did not speak Spanish. I got very good at saying: "Put this under your tongue", "Close your mouth", and "I need to get your weight".

  2. by   yankeescot
    Sounds really interesting! Please post a message about your experience when you get back. I could do the 8 day trip and would like to know more about it. Unfortunately, I would be unable to get out of work for 3 months. Thanks, Rosemary:spin:
  3. by   yankeescot
    [quote=yankeescot;2102575]Sounds really interesting! Please post a message about your experience when you get back. I could do the 8 day trip and would like to know more about it. Unfortunately, I would be unable to get out of work for 3 months. Thanks, Rosemary:spin:[Well Blue, I just realized you came back 4 months ago!! Glad you had a good trip.)
  4. by   EMSnut45
    I'm digging up an older thread...

    I just found out that I will be traveling with Somos Amigos to the Dominican Republic June 2-8!!! This will be my first experience of this type... so I'm really excited, and a little nervous... I've been taking your suggestions on what to pack, and hopefully all will go well!!
  5. by   jaylynn67
    Has anyone ever heard of Nurses with a Purpose? I found it today online, it has trips all over the world from 1 to four weeks.
  6. by   MollyMel
    Once I have a few years under my belt I definitely plan to volunteer overseas. My cousin has been working with Medecins Sans Frontieres/Doctors Without Borders almost continuously for 5 years. (Sudan, Somalia, now Sri Lanka). MSF usually prefers that you do 9-12 month terms. That is hard to commit to with a family etc. The IRC also usually wants at least 3 months. I guess it does make sense, the want leaders who can really get involved with the staff and community.
    It does seem like many organizations require a pretty hefty donation. I suppose you could take it upon yourself to do fundraising to pay your share, maybe get grants? I understand the groups want to offset their costs, but they are already getting your time and expertise for free.
    Another one that charges, is Flying Doctors of America, it sounds interesting.
    The other option is checking periodically on, but they don't seem to have too many opportunities, and most seem to be based in the US

    Anyway, another thing to bring along that I haven't seen mentioned yet (sorry if I missed it):
    When I volunteered in India for 4 months (10 years ago) the group I went with recommended we use a Keeper instead of tampons and pads (saves you from running out and cuts down on garbage and pollution). It really is best if you let the web site describe it for you ( I'm not sure I can do it justice The only thing that usually makes people uncomfortable is that you have more contact with your blood, but that shouldn't gross out nurses lol. I still use mine (I am only on the 2nd one, so at $40 each I have saved a bundle in those 10 years as well). It was definitely great to have, plus I'm not sure how comfortable I would be putting a tampon bought in a developing country inside me since we don't even have good controls over them here! Don't worry I don't have stock in the company, just my two cents.
  7. by   nipa
    I am looking to start a group interested in volunteering in Africa. A group mainly made of nurses. Myself being from Africa and a nurse, I know firsthand the need back home. So if you are interested in volunteering somewhere in Africa let me know. I can do most of the homework as far as finding hospitals or clinics where we can volunteer , lodging, transport etc. I am planning on going to Africa next year. If anybody is willing to work with me just drop me an email or a private message. As I said, I can do most of the home work. I need people to assist me in this undertaking. Who knows? This might be Nurses without borders.
  8. by   stevemc
    Some more Medical volunteer organisations in Central/South America.

    None of these programs charge a fee as such,
    but you may have to make a contribution (at local prices) for food & board. (Ecuador) (Nicaragua) (Guatemala) (Guatemala) (Guatemala) (Galapagos)

    There are more 'generalist' volunteer programs that would more than happy to have an experienced nurse on-board here:

  9. by   fifi65
    Hi sorry for posting on an old thread, but have a range of programmes both short and long term.
  10. by   AuntBee
    I have been volunteering in Guatemala for 8 years with a Christian organization (many different denominations) called Faith in practice. You can go for 1 or 2 weeks at a time.
    The cost is reasonable. $600.00 or so per week for room and board (NICE accomadations) plus airfare.
    You can log on to
    Good luck nurse:nurse
  11. by   groundsforhealth
    Check out Grounds for Health.

    Commitment is two weeks at a time; can volunteer in Mexico, Nicaragua and Tanzania!
  12. by   Slimerrn
    Project Helping Hands is a medical relief organization that sends medical teams around the world for two week missions. It has no religious affiliations and no government affiliations. Website: