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Volunteer missions

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I'm looking for some information that has been quite elusive. I'm a registered nurse, and would like to travel to a Third World country and volunteer with a medical missions group. Most of the organizations I've found offered 1 or 2 week stints. I'm thinking of going for 6 months, since my financial situation will allow it. I'd be more inclined to travel to a Spanish-speaking country, since I know some Spanish. Does anyone have any information about organizations that are involved in this kind of work? I'd appreciate any info--

I totally want to work with doctorswithoutborders also. I guess I'll have to wait several years, but I think it would be amazing, and rewarding work!


Try New Hope Foundation, China. They are still accepting volunteers until now wether you are nurse or not..Hope to see you

What are the short term trips you are finding. I am having the same problem but opposite. Looking for short term trips.

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