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I was wondering if anyone else applied to viu for the 2018 intake?

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I applied for fall 2018! Im anxiously waiting for a letter to come in the mail.

I applied and I just got my acceptance letter yesterday!

congrats! I was put on the waitlist, this year it is a 22 person waitlist. I guess the waiting continues for me, but hopefully I will see you this fall :)

What grades did you have? I had 87 in chem, 91 in English, 97 in bio, and 93 in math and I didn't get in or even on the waitlist

I had 97 in Math & Chemistry, and a 95 in Biology, 92 in English; however, my English and BIo were taken through NIDES(which is part of the B.C. school district) and not VIU. From my understanding, even if you grades are in the 90s, since it's a "high school" class it is graded on a percent scale and not a letter scale. The highest grade you can receive is equivalent to an "A" or a 4.0 GPA. It has to be a university course in order to receive an A+ which is silly.

I had a 95 in chem and math, 86 in biology, and 85 in english and I'm on the waitlist. I live in the lower mainland and attended the info session about a month ago and asked the advisor how they accept people. He told me that this is the first year they are doing the CASPer test. In the past years, I read on the website that a 3.6 (i think) gpa is sufficient for acceptance, but the advisor told me that the CASPer test is throwing it off. People with lower gpa's are getting accepted because of a stronger CASPer component. They weigh it out 60 (gpa) to 40 (CASPer).

Did you apply to any other nursing schools?

I didn't, and I realize now that was a big mistake. I was extremely upset not to get accepted since I thought I had the grades but I think the Casper test probably threw me off but I'm upgrading my pre req's again and applying to every program in BC with hopes I'll get accepted into at least one of them for fall 2019.

If you live in the lower mainland, UFV has a BSN program that starts in January as well that you could apply to! The pre-reqs are the same, without the CASPer, and a few other components, but your grades are really good so you should give that a shot!

I live in Victoria but I'm willing to move anywhere!

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