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Do you need to have the visa screen on hand if you are applying for adjustment of status? That's what I thought, but check this out:

Can anyone clarify please? Thanks sooo much!


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I don't know if that is true.(I chcked the website you posted.)I am in the process of adujustment of status now.My agent told me that with out visascreen you can not submit the papers.If we do so,INS is going to reject it.The rules got changed since last July.So I took the IELTS immediatly and received my visa screen.Good luck.


suzanne4, RN

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If you are applying for your green card in your country, then you need the Visa Screen Certificate just whwen you have your appt at the US Embassy.

However, if you are already in the US, and applying for a change of status, or have to a visa to currently be in the US, then you must have the Visa Screen Certificate attached to the application or it will immediately be rejected. Don't know what that link says but these are the current rules of the US Embassies.

Good luck....................

Thanks Josh and suzanne4. I've been searching a whole lot about this matter and I am almost convinced that the visa screen certificate does not need to be filed concurrently with the I-140 application, even with adjustment of status. The link that I posted is not the only one that claims that. But does anyone know of the "official" statement regarding this? Certain lawyers (one example: have that info posted on their website, and I've asked one recruiting agency who also said the same thing to me, but I want to find an "official" explanation (if there is any). Can't find it on the CGFNS website nor USCIS :o

suzanne4, RN

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The official word from the visa processing offices is that it needs to be with the documents or they will not process. Your choice, but this is what they are saying. There is already a link about this that was originally posted by REP to give you clarification on this matter. I don't have time right now to do the search but it has already been posted here on this site.

The only time that it is not needed is when you will be going for an interview in your home country, for an initial visa for the US. But for any change of status, it is definitely needed. If you don't submit it when needed, you will only hold yourself up for months. Your choice.

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