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I am not familiar with Rue can you tell me al little bit about it? Out of curiosity can you complete your entire associate degree t

hrough them? and what about clinical time? The reason I ask is because I have been looking for a alternate way to obtain r.n. status and need to continue to work while attending school. I would be happy for any info you can give me.

Yes! I am finishing through Excelsior College! I have yet to take one more exam and go through clinicals. I went through RUE but didn't find their material on the Differences exams helpful. My advice... study hard! The exams aren't a walk in the park but they aren't excessively hard. To obtain more questions on areas you are having difficulty, consult an NCLEX review guide for practice questions (RUE will provide you with this soon.) Study 6 out of 7 days a week, and stick to that routine. Start saving for clinicals NOW... or at least have enough room on your credit card, as they are expensive ($1225). Never take longer than 2 months before taking an exam, as you will lose much of what you have read if you take longer. Most of all, be dedicated. It is too easy to say, "I'll study tomorrow". The next thing you know, it's a week and a half later, and you are then seriously lagging. Good luck to you, but I'm sure you won't need it. If you need to know more, E-mail me ([email protected]).

I've been an LPN since "79 and now, after completing about 2/3 of the ADN program, I'm going to finish via Regents/Excelsior (I'm going through RUE.

I've gotten my first set of books (Fundamentals) and am plugging away. Has anybody out there done this, too?

So far Rue has been terrific but I have yet to take my first test. Any feedback I can get would be greatly appreciated!!





Sure, I'll tell you what I can.

Rue is a company the works in conjuction with Excelsior's virtual education program by supplying the materials (texts, study guides, tapes, CDRoms, etc) necessary for Excelsior's ADN program. Rue compiles everything you need to complete a course and sends it to your door. You complete the study guides and when you've got it down, go take a computerized test. There are cooperating test centers all over the place here.

You have to be an LPN, CMT, etc, and have that basic clinical stuff under your belt already as there's no way to test on an on-going basis in a virtual university. When you've completed all the required courses, you go to a cooperating hospital for one final round of clinical competencies and then you're eligible for the Boards.

How many classes you have to take varies. If you've had some college, it's probably acceptable but you'll have to submit a transcript.

I'd recommend that you call Rue and they'll give you all the details: 800-759-5947.

I hope it works out!


I'm new to the site and I was just wondering if there were any DDNA nurses out there? smile.gif

I would like to know if any of you know of a college on-line that an LPN can obtain ADN online?

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