VCU Traditional BSN Fall 2011 - page 5

Hi everyone! I applied to the VCU Traditional BSN Program for Fall 2011 and was wondering if anyone else here applied. I got my email about a week ago stating my application was complete, so now... Read More

  1. by   ameliagal
    yeah, i'll apply again next year. It ticks me off.......
  2. by   alex189
    Thanks Cathylady, I will definitely look into scholarships.
    Good luck to both of you two! I really hope you guys make it in to VCU or whereever you choose to go!
  3. by   ameliagal
    @ xonursej,didn't you apply to germanna too?
  4. by   xonursej
    Yep. I am going to apply to J Sarge to. And if I dont get into those :/ bon secours and john tyler and nova as well lol. I know I have good credentials, its just a matter of space available. Nursing is so complicated to get into. It feels like medical school!
  5. by   ameliagal
    Exactly!!! Its crazy. When did you turn your application in for VCU? I know its suppose to be in a month before Jan. 15th. I finished my pre-reqs last semester but my grades werent on my transcript til few days before Christmas!! I'm going to talk to admissions for John Tyler for their nursing program. I couldn't apply to their or reynolds because I'm taking physiology and that has to be completed before I apply. Right now I have A in lab and B in the lecture. It's not as hard as anatomy and the lecture and lab grades aren't combinded,so thats good Anatomy was crazy hard. I had C in the lab and B in lecture and ended up with 77 with the two combined.
  6. by   xonursej
    I had to take anatomy like three times in high school lol. the first time was the regular course just for fun, then I had some of it for my emt class, then i took it as dual enrollment for college credit. My cum. GPA was a 3.8 but my pre req GPA was a 4.0. I hope I get in somewhere ugh
  7. by   ameliagal
    I'm retaking anatomy in the summer, may23-jun23 The good thing is I kept my book from last spring and lab manual. The bad new is,its gonna cost at least $1000 I going to retake ACT too and apply to john tyler and reynolds. glad i'm out my depression We just gotta keep trying. Like John Cena says"Never give up,never back down"
  8. by   xonursej
    Yea thats true. When are you applying to reynolds, for spring? I think I might apply for fall for Reynolds but IDK, I am tired of applying ugh I thought I would be done with this in high school!
  9. by   xonursej
    And taking once will help you I think. You will have most of it down any way. Just make sure you remember it because you use it a lot in nursing. I know for where I work I have to use it, just not to an advanced extent.
  10. by   ameliagal
    Hopefully it's a little easier in the summer with just anatomy and nothing else. Lecture is pretty strght forward. Lab is the killer!! we have lab practicals where you have 20 stations and 3 questions at each of them and 3mins to answer,find it on 300 terms list and match number,write it down and submit on your cps fun fun But this time I'll have a less crazy teacher who doesnt make us wait in the hallway for an hour just to change questions around the room for the test to make sure we dont I dont know why they are so crazy about that!! trying to cheat on a lab practical is like standing on your head and drinking a glass of water.IMPOSSIBLE!! I'm going to talk to vcu admissions to see what they have to say 1st before I sign up.
  11. by   xonursej
    Yea we had the lab thing to. We used cats for ours and she put tooth picks in them and we had to identify what it was. I remember that but I think you will do fine this time. I am just waiting to hear back from other places now...I hate the waiting game ugh
  12. by   ameliagal
    At least you had animals.heck we had to memerize charts off the walls, no cadaver or anything. I applyed to reynolds for summer classes. I need to take math 126 and college sucess skills. But 1st i have to take math placement test to see if i can get math 126(drug calculations). After those two classes,take the placement test for some computer class, then take TEAS test and apply for LPN and RN program.:smackingf Nothing like rejection letters. I'm sure you'll get Germana. I prbly won't be a VCU next year