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I'm new to this forum. Received a waitlist letter for VCU's AMSN program today. Anyone else hear anything? There was a note in my letter saying ABSN letters would be sent out mid-Jan.... Read More

  1. by   ZenLover
    Golly me, sorry. I was so worried about my own response I didn't ready your question. Stay away from Southern University. They will want you to start from scratch and are all about $. You may want to try the Bon Secours program. They will in some cases allow you to do prerequisites along with nursing classes if they are not all completed and will review your transcripts on a case by case basis.

    I don't really know of any other local programs to Richmond and did not apply to any others. After this experience...don't know that I will. I am fairly sure at this point I was denied, because if I was accepted it seems they would be eager to get my package to me so I could confirm my spot on time and get financial aid started. Because no one seems to care that I didn't get it, I take that as a pretty good sign that it doesn't matter. I guess I am too old and I have been out of school too long to appreciate how it works, though I don't think my first University was ever this bad. I would definitely shop for a program that is open, friendly and is eager to help you. It is your money and your time and your life investment after all.
  2. by   ZenLover
    Okay meltdown totally unnecessary. Got my acceptance today and don't even know what to say, except wow I obviously wanted that BAD.

    Congrats everyone and who is setting up the Facebook page for the ABSN class of 2013?

    Also....golly me....South University, not Southern. South University even wanted me to retake computers 101 without any regard for the fact that not only had I already taken it, but I have 2 certificates in Access Database training and I work for Card It at Capital One right now as a contracted worker. All they want is your $.
  3. by   JAX0411
    Hi everyone!
    Just another silent observer here. I haven't received any news yet about getting into the ABSN program. I've been stalking my mailbox like it's my job twice a day in any hopes of a small or big envelope. Any news at this point would be relieving. It would be AMAZING if I got into VCU, but we shall just have to wait and see a little bit longer if it was meant to be or not this time around Congrats to everyone who got in especially Kellyski! I was really pulling for you to make it in. My fingers are crossed for everyone wait listed. Kind of hope the whole application status being changed thing is true and it means you got in, but again not going to get my hopes up especially this late into the game. Golly me, I have been researching schools all over the US. I'm not sure which part of the country you're hoping to get into, but most of the schools I've come across have the same requirements (anatomy, physiology, statistics, nutrition, dev. psych, chemistry, psychology or sociology, sometimes biology) except I've seen a few who have wanted some ethics classes and some other psychology classes or some random classes that only their school requires. The big trend I find is that the south and western states want you to take the TEAS. It's like a must on all their applications. There are fewer schools on the east coast and in the midwest that require you to take it. Well I hope I hear back from VCU tomorrow! If not it's another long weekend for me :-P
  4. by   ZenLover
    CheerGal06, I hope it comes to tomorrow. The wonderfully patient women in the admissions office explained that they were prepared to go out Friday, but may not have made it out of central mail until Tuesday after the holiday. I live so close to VCU that if I just got mine today, I bet you will see yours tomorrow.

    Thank you for your kind words. I really appreciate. I was afraid I had scared everyone wow, who is that crazy lady? Seriously though...I know it is tough and nothing but getting the envelope really helps so I have no words of wisdom really. I will be pulling for you too and checking back tomorrow!
  5. by   gollyme
    Kellyski, congrats!!! I meant to respond to your meltdown saying you really shouldn't worry but I was almost positive you'd hear good news so it wasn't necessary. I appreciate the feedback on schools to look into/places to stay away from. Good luck again to others waiting to hear!
  6. by   ZenLover
    Thank you gollyme. I would really like to share a little something that might help ya'll understand why this hit so close to home. This is a huge dream and huge step for me, but I wouldn't have been able to do it if it hadn't been for what my father left me after he passed on from cancer when my son was just 6 months old. This is my chance to do something wonderful with that legacy and I just wish he was here to share this moment with me. I just suddenly started realizing how bad I really wanted it and who I was really doing it for...I just didn't know how to share that very well in the moment when it hit me.

    I know we all have our reasons and I hope we all get to realize our dreams regardless of who or what is pushing us to acheive them.
  7. by   jt43
    Yay! Congrats kellyski and gosh I really just hope everyone waiting gets news soon. Also, I hope those waiiting on the waitlist get offerred a spot mid-march. All the acceptances are due back March 1, so I'm sure they do a major reshuffling March 2 and send out more offers. A facebook page is a great idea, I'll set one up if no one else has done that yet.
  8. by   ZenLover
    jt43 I think it would be great. I think to get it started at least 2 of us have to friend each other. When I tried to create the group it wouldn't let me get past the point of choosing at least one friend to add to the group. You can try to play with and see if you can get it going too. I don't think we all have to friend each other necessarily to join the group, I just think it is a little glitch to have at least one friend to add to the group. NoleMercy started one last year and that groups name is VCU ABSN class of 2012 if you want an idea of how she did it. You can privately message me if you want to share facebook info, etc. I think as some rules about advertising other boards or social groups, but don't know exactly what they are.

    Also be aware on here you have to post 14 posts before you can private message someone.
  9. by   JAX0411
    Welp got the letter and didn't make it in this time around. I'll try again next year, maybe I'll have better luck since all of my pre-reqs will be done then. Good luck to everyone else waiting and best of luck in the new school year!
  10. by   hokie10
    Congratulations to everyone that got in and good luck to everyone on the waiting list! I'm so excited to start classes in May! A Facebook group is a great idea. I was hoping to live with another ABSN or AMSN student. If anyone else is interested in the same thing, feel free to PM me.
  11. by   ZenLover
    I have created the FB page and you can find it titled VCU ABSN Class of 2013. I figured out how to get it started by adding my husband and then removing him. So I don't think we have to "friend" anyone to be a part of the group. If you have photos and posts however that you don't want others in the group to see until you meet them in person or get to know them better be aware you need to check your security settings!

    Good luck everyone!
  12. by   milly150
    I received my acceptance letter for the ABSN program sometime last week (my mom didn't tell me. I mailed it home). I am so excited! I'm nervous to move cross country (from UT), but I did grow up in Northern VA. Congrats to everyone else!
  13. by   alliegem
    Hey guys!
    I was wondering if any current VCU accelerated bsn students could give me some insight as to the typical daily/weekly schedule for the accelerated bsn program. Do you have classes/clinicals typically all day every day? How do you like it?! Any feedback would be a great help!