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vcu amsn/absn admissions


I'm new to this forum. Received a waitlist letter for VCU's AMSN program today. Anyone else hear anything? There was a note in my letter saying ABSN letters would be sent out mid-Jan.

I got a wait list letter for the AMSN program today. I am kind of bummed, but still have 3 schools to hear from.

Have you completed all your pre-reqs for vcu? I'm wondering if they waitlist applicants when they dont have official transcripts for all the pre-reqs

I am taking MicroBio and Physiology with labs this spring, so that could be a possibility. Do you still have outstanding prereqs?

I finished my pre-reqs last semester. Am abt to send my transcript in. I know 2 people who got into the MSN pgm. Both were waitlisted and both found out accepted after they turned in all the transcripts for the pre-reqs.

Edited to clarify that the people I know were admitted previous years not this year.

That's interesting. I guess I will just have to wait and see at this point. Hopefully something will work out in the end for us all.

Hey everyone, I've been reading on this forum for awhile, I don't think I've commented yet though. I just received a big envelope today and have been accepted into the AMSN program for child's health. I'm really hoping you all get in from the waitlist...it seems like people have a really good shot at getting in from the waitlist, so fingers crossed!

Slustudent, did you finish your pre-reqs before you applied? Just gathering data for my theory. I didn't realize there even was a child health specialty. Congrats and good luck!

Thanks...and yeah the child health specialty prepares MSN students to be primary care NPs for pediatrics. What specialties did you all apply to, or the ABSN program? I have one pre-req left to take this semester-Human Physiology (I already took Anatomy, my school does one full semester w/ lab of Anatomy, and then one full semester of Physiology w/ lab). I just took Nutrition this past semester and had my updated transcript sent to VCU about a week ago.

So much for my theory. I applied under adult acute care.

I applied to Child Health also, congrats slustudent!

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I applied to the ABSN program and as of today no news in the mailbox. I am thinking probably not until next week, but as soon as they stick them in the mail I should pretty much get notice the next day since I live in Richmond. I also have not finished all my prereqs. I am finishing up A&P2 now. I had a 4.0 on all my prereqs until A&P1. I got a 88 which translated to a 3.0...really hard for me to take and had to turn it into the VCU before the first of the year. I really hope it didn't ruin my chances.

Did anyone log into their on-line application to see what updates where made to it if any? It seems like I remember reading some threads on here from students that applied last year saying that if you were accepted you could tell by how they updated your on-line application. I wonder what the difference would be between accepted, wait-listed or denied...if any or if it was just speculation. I guess we will all know eventually one way or the other. :)

My MSN app has a line that says:Application Status: Complete ready for reviesMy BSN app has that line removed and the following inserted:Current Program: Bachelor of ScienceDon't know if that means anything...

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My application on line for the BSN says the same thing yours does. I am hoping that with that line removed it is a good sign. Perhaps you were wait listed for the AMSN but accepted for the BSN? That would be nice if acceptance meant the current program line is inserted and update. :) I guess we will know soon enough....hopefully tomorrow. I have no patience. I was fine this morning when I thought it would take 3 more weeks. Now that I know it could be any day I am going nuts. ha!

hey i applied to the ABSN. so nervous! i agree entirely with you kellyski, i was ready for the wait to be over and fine counting down the days to first week of february, but now it's killing me hearing that we could find out any day. i'm obsessing over this website almost everyday to find out any piece of VCU nursing school related news! by the way, how DO you access the online application? i haven't been on there since the day i turned in my application back in october

You can access the application at this url

(Removed non-functioning url)

You'll need your username and password that you registered with.

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Hi gollyme! Nice to hear from you. You can get to the application by going to the VCU nursing school website and choosing undergraduate application. You then want to click on it like you are going to apply again. It will ask you for your log in. If you don't remember you can take the steps to recover it. They will email it to the email you initially registered with. Good Luck! Today could be the day. :)