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  1. Hey, everybody!! I'm new to this site. I was wondering if anyone is applying for vcu's accelerated program this year for the summer of 2013? I'm currently a junior at VCU, finishing up a degree w/minor in psy. I'm taking micro this semester(my last prereq for the program) I think the only thing holding me back is my test scores. I've taken the sats(3x) and act(2x). I know they accept sat, act, or gre. But how closely are they really gonna look at those test scores?? My gpa is 3.7 now and im hoping to pull off a least 3.8 this semester. Anyone else having trouble with test/classes?
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  3. by   jt43
    What are your test scores? Your grades are fine for the program.
  4. by   ZenLover
    I was accepted and am waiting to start this May. Your gpa is great. I took the GRE and even though my scores were above the minimum I was afraid they were not really that competitive. It is really about the overall polished package. Volunteer, get work caring for people in any capacity, make sure you write your letter of intent honestly and in APA format. Your references need to be academic if the work reference is not directly related. It really is the whole package they look at. If your scores on the SAT, ACT or GRE don't meet minimum criteria it is simply a quick way to weed you out. They don't want to spend time looking at the "whole package" for EVERY application. They use scores to do the quick weed and then with what is left over take a closer look at the whole picture. At least that is the way it was explained to me.

    Good luck and try not to let the process drive you nuts. I wanted it bad and the wait almost turned me batty! LOL
  5. by   maryssam
    Hey I am applying for the 2013 program. I know from looking on the website that the applications are due Nov 1, but I want to get mine in early, so do you know when the actually open?
  6. by   nursingbound2013
    my test scores for the ACT was 21,20,and 22. I really cant afford to keep taking all these tests,its expensive. A girl in my micro class applyed for the tradtnl program with ACT score of 21, but she also had an A in anatomy. I went to orientation, the lady never did answer the question, kinda annoying like its some "top secret society" instead of nursing school
  7. by   nursingbound2013
    Were all of your references academic? I volunteer at Chippenham now, been there for a little over 2 years. Minmum ACT was 19, i scored 21,20,and 22. But I also got a C in anatomy but a B in phis lec and A in the lab(I took these at VCU, theres no a&p I-II) But the rest of my sci courses are A's and a few B's and no repeats or W. I've applied for the tradintl 3 times so now i'm aimming for acclerated.
  8. by   nursingbound2013
    I went to orientation and they said the application should be up in July. I want to get my in early too. I really hope I get in this time around, i sick of the letdowns
  9. by   jt43
    How are you doing in Micro? The C will hurt you a little. I think the test scores are really a "did you meet the minimum requirement" checkoff. I think your overall gpa is way more important than test scores. If you take an exam again, I recommend taking the gre and not the act again. Gre is basic math and language skills and you may do better on it. My references were all either academic or work related. A supervisor at Chipp would be an excellent source for a recommendation imo. The program is big on communication/patient interaction imo. Good luck!
  10. by   nursingbound2013
    I ended up with 85 in micro lecture and 83 in the lab part.
    Phisology lec-B
    Phis lab-A
    Elective sci-A
    Bio 101 lec-B
    Bio 101 lab-A
    Life Span-B
    I think thats it for the pre-reqs. I am really debating whether to retake anatomy this summer(5 spots open at vcu) They said at orientation that they avg all the courses so, even if I got an A, A and C would still avg to be a B and the person that did great the first time in the class would still get in over me. My gpa did fall a little for VCU this spring semester from 3.6 to 3.5. But mcv avgs my john tyler and reynolds gpa with vcu's so it about 3.7. Im taking ite 115 and sdv 100 now at reynolds, so i can apply for their lpn and rn program. Those are the last two classes i need for them. So now i have some options, hopefully someone lets me in
  11. by   mamaji
    Would you mind sharing your stats? GPA, GRE, volunteer work, health care experience, etc? I'm a senior in undergrad and currently researching about the different accelerated nursing programs in VA!
    Thank you!
  12. by   nursingbound2013
    @ mamaji I'm a senior too I have 3.5 gpa with VCU but MCV averages all the gpa from the colleges you attend. I also i had classes at John tyler and reynolds community college so my combined gpa is 3.7. MCV put up new requirements too. You MUST HAVE MINIMUM OF "B" in ANATOMY,PHISOLOGY, AND MICROBIOLOGY. So that knocks me out from applying for next summer because I got a C in anatomy. MCV use to take the highest grade when you retook classes now they average them. So even if I got an A the second time around, an A and a C will average to a B and the person who got an A the lst time would get in over me. I also dont have time to retake anatomy since I trying to finish my science degree on time. So i'm planning to apply for reynolds LPN and RN program. I've been volunteering at local hospital for the past two years and I had pre-nursing internship in high school that was 5 weeks. So other accelerated nursing programs are Marymount(private school) and George Mason. I need something local, those are just too far
  13. by   ag7575
    I was wondering if anyone knew if VCU has an accelerated nursing program that begins in the fall? or do they only have one a year which begins in may?

  14. by   Halcyonn
    According to the website there is only one Accelerated BS program/year.
    Application Deadlines

    Still plenty of time to apply...
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