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What is going on in the HAMPTON RDS AREA-:confused: Do I need to leave VA to get a EDUCATION like ***:mad: I'm starting to think NURSING may not be calling! I have been sooo sick with all... Read More

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    NSU is in Norfolk and would be convenient to go to however like Bob pointing out there was been alot of talk of organizational issues and I have also been hearing they do alot of self study plus their NCLEX pass rate is not that great. Hampton University has a campus in Virginia Beach and when I move I'm willing to do the commute there because it will not be too far. Hopefully next week I will be receiving letters from both schools to let me know whether or not I got accepted so I can start making some arrangements. I'm really hoping I get accepted to Hampton University

    Since it looks like you want to go to nursing school on this side of water, I'm with Bob when he recommends Riverside. They would be an option for me if I was not moving.
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    GS, or should I call you Snapp?

    Having gone through the process of researching schools a couple of years ago, here is what I know.

    There are two hospital based programs left in this area, Riverside and Sentara. Riverside is still the traditional diploma program, and they offer LPN and RN programs. Sentara went to a 2.5 year BSN program about a year ago, you come in with 1.5 years of college credits and they give you the rest for your 4 years. MCI by the way, is the same with their BSN program. I'm not sure about MCI credits transferring though if you want to go on to a masters level program, that you would have to research. Both Riverside and Sentara are highly rated programs, neither is going away and Sentara has a good wait list to get in. Riversides campus is a bit south from the hospital, Sentara is out in Chesapeake. Riverside still offers the LPN program in the evenings if keeping your FT job is a requirement. And if it matters, Sentara is still accredited as a Diploma program, they will not be accredited for BSN till they graduate a class or two which is another year or two away. Still, I wouldnt have a problem going there if I was accepted. Many of the Riverside grads get into ODU's RN to BSN program afterward. They have courses online which makes it easier to work and finish up the BSN.

    The community colleges are a popular route to go for RN. TCC and TNCC are it in this area. Both have wait lists since they are the cheapest per credit. Both are days only. ODU, NSU and HU are the 4 year schools. ODU's program is tough to get into but well regarded, and of course we are talking BSN here, not LPN. NSU has had its share of organizational issues from what I have heard online, so I would do some research there if that is your choice. I havent heard anything bad about HU, and that is on your side of the water.

    And finally there are the for profit schools, MCI, Fortis and who else I'm not sure. They have the highest cost per credit. Not sure about what they offer for LPN, but they do have evening programs. I have not heard of folks having long waits or not getting accepted so maybe your ticket in is your willingness to pay the high tuition.

    You got the short end of the stick with New Horizons, but that is history now. Your best option is probably Riverside and even if they don't take any of the credits, its 18 months in the evenings and you are done. You would probably cruise through a portion of the classes that you already had over at the other school if that is any consolation. So pick yourself up, shake off the dust and get back on the horse to use a worn out analogy. Good Luck.

    Moring Sir Bob, you sure do know how to make a girl . RHS appears to be a fit for me.
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    So I am going to prepare for my future and live this moment to get there xoxox

    RHS should have been my choice-just moved to VA and missed the dealine with RHS and wanted to get started with NSG ( tuition reimbursement) from RHS was not bad that helped alot and If I work for them I should learn from