Tidewater Community College 2012 Hopefuls?

  1. Just wondering if anybody is considering TCC... they had two application periods for the fall semester.. december 1st (2011) deadline and march 15 deadline (2012).. im applying in the march group but I know I can't be the only one on the board considering it..
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  3. by   Pisces82
    Hi Virgo.....I am considering TCC as well but have not completed my prereqs. I will be done by the end of this semester. Do you know if I can still apply by March even if I am currently taking the courses needed?
  4. by   virgolove34
    I went to a nursing information session last semester and because they have so many applicants, you have to be finished with your prereqs before you apply. They said they don't have the time to go and look up every students final transcript so whatever is on your transcript when you apply is what they look at. You only need two sciences completed though. There's another deadline September 15.
  5. by   Pisces82
    Okay, I plan to apply in September. Good luck with your March deadline!
  6. by   tcchopeful
    I applied last month and I finished my pre-reqs last semester. I got an A in both my englishs and a B in bio 141, an A in 142, and an A in 150. I really hope I get in this selection period. I heard hardly anyone with a gpa of 3.5 or lower gets in but that's just what I've heard. I'm worried too that the clinical hours will interfere with me working. Has anyone heard anything about the hours
  7. by   nursenthemakin
    Hello all...I am currently taking my prereqs for the nursing program. I am looking to apply for the September deadline. I am currently in 142 and plan to take micro in the Fall. It seems like this last year and a half went in slow motion. Im just glad that ill finally be able to apply this year. I have gotten A's in all classes accept 141 where my average was an 89....1 point shy of an A so my gpa dropped to a 3.85...Im nervous because people say you can have a 4.0 gpa and still not get in but im praying that i make it...all i can do is my best. Good luck to those that are applying this month. You will be in my prayers :-)
  8. by   Hopen1
    I applied back in Fall 2010 and I am starting the nursing program next week. I kept a 4.0 in all my classes and finished all my electives. But, because I received a C in English 111 and a B in English 112 many years ago it dropped my GPA down to a 3.6. I was told last year that we had to have a 3.6 or higher to get in because of all the applicants. I thought great... I'm in!! But, they lost my paperwork...so I suggest you make copies of everything you give them and if your friends start getting letters of acceptance and you don't...CALL them right away. Good luck!
  9. by   nursenthemakin
    Thats great Congrats ...Im happy for you..Im sure you will do well. Please let me know how things go. Good Luck to you !!!
  10. by   ivikatasha
    Hey there. In regards to clinical hours, I am in the program now, and I can tell you: do not ever schedule anything on tuesday or thursday!

    Generally they will let you figure it out with the rest of your cohort, and switch around times. But even if you switch into in a time slot you think works, the instructors can still change it.

    Example, NUR 108 I was in a clinical from 2-8pm, 3 times total. My clinical instructor changed it so we had to do 1 12 hour shift (6:45am -6:45pm) and 1 6 hour 12-6pm. In NUR 130 all the clinicals are 12 hours right now.

    Good luck!
  11. by   virgolove34
    I haven't been up here in a while. I kept checking daily and no one had responded so I figured the tcc applicants were far gone haha.. But thank you so much.. goodluck to you as well!! Congrats to those who got in last year. I have a 3.5 but I was told the gpa isn't as important as the grades in the prereqs and coreqs, as well as the hesi score..

    @tcchopeful.. what was your hesi score?
  12. by   ollie's ma
    Hi everybody, I applied for the LPN advance placement program for the March 15th deadline. I am so anxious for the letter to come, guess it should be mailed sometime in mid May. While I know it is hard to get in, and my expectations are somewhat low considering the numbers of applicants to acceptances ratio. I have all classes completed except strictly nursing and kind of wish I had a better back up plan due to the fact that I will be out of classes to take starting in the fall. Does anybody know if they give an explaination with a non-acceptance letter? How many LPN to RN students do they take in, and are they in the same total numbers of 140 a year? Ahhhhh craziness......hate the waiting game. I was also told gpa is important but overall classes taken are a big concideration as well, with a concentration of the specific bio's and eng classes. Good luck everybody
  13. by   nursenthemakin
    Havent been up here in a while either . Any updates on those who have started the program ? The semester just ended i got a B in Anatomy II :-( but im still submitting my app this summer. If theres any updates or new news please let me know...
  14. by   virgolove34
    Anybody know when decision letters are supposed to be sent out?