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  1. Does anyone know anything about Potomac Hospital's NICU and their salary?
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  3. by   smartynurse
    are you a new grad? I am moving to NOVA and decided to sign with an agency-contemporary nursing solutions in springfield,va. They said I can have as many hours as I want at Potomac and the pay is great! If you have experience you may want to call them, to see about per diem and contract work. Unfortunately, I don't have any info on work conditions, etc. But I will soon find out! Good Luck!
  4. by   HippyRN
    A friend of mine, we're both graduating in May, interiewed for the NICU but was told they don't take new grads. She did get a position in the newborn nursery with the idea that she could transfer to NICU later on. Good luck to you.
  5. by   PEDSVA
    I am not a new grad, 5 years under my belt. Thanks for the info. Smartynurse when do you start ? Let me know how you like it.
  6. by   smartynurse
    well, there is more agency there than i could believe. the system is antiquated (in my book, i'm used to computerized orders, etc. The doctors run the roost, you have to call attendings for everything, they have intensivists for their ICUs, I don't know, I am going to keep going and see if I can handle it!
  7. by   PEDSVA
    Smartynurse, thanks for getting back to me. I think most of Potomac is pretty antiquated. Wonder why so much agency? What level is that NICU ? From my minimal experience in ICU, the nurses usually run the roost. Let me know how things turn out!
  8. by   krenee
    I'm also interested in Potomac . . . frankly it's the only place I can see working because I don't want to commute - if y'all live in NoVA you know about our infamous traffic - I've BDTD and don't want to do that again. So Potomac would have to be really awful for me to drive somewhere else. Anything you can tell me would be great. Although I haven't technically gotten into nursing school yet so I've got a couple of years!

  9. by   PEDSVA
    No, Potomac isn't that bad but it does have it's querks. I guess it depends on what area specialty you are interested in because each department is different. No place is going to be perfect it's just what you can tolerate personally. You are definately right about the traffic!