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Wondering if anyone can help me out with information about a paramedic to RN bridge program. Anyone tried one? I'm currently a medic and am interested in becoming an RN, but cannot devote the time to... Read More

  1. by   mccluregw
    thanks for the info SAHMStudent I will shoot her an email.
    who should I address it to?
  2. by   AllAboutTheTrauma
    Have you considered looking into an online nursing program? a friend of mine recommended Rue Education for their paramedic to rn bridge...maybe it's worth a look? best of luck!
  3. by   Pixie.RN
    Just to clarify, RUE Ed is a publisher, not a school; they do not grant a degree. They are an unnecessary middleman to completing an education with Excelsior College, which is the actual degree-granting institution ( Unfortunately Virginia no longer accepts Excelsior grads for direct licensure; grads have to take the NCLEX in another state, and can endorse their license into Virginia after 960 hours of RN experience. So it's still workable for a Virginia resident, but might take some extra effort.
  4. by   jackieblue
    I'm looking for a good Paramedic-to-RN program in the Southeast...specifically Alabama. Anyone know of one?
    Thanks in advance for any replies
  5. by   medic606
    Check out Morehead State U. in KY. They have a medic to rn adn bridge.
  6. by   ParamedtoRN
    I'm just going the traditional way. Back to school I go.
  7. by   trackudown
    I just failed out of Morehead State University in my second semester of Nursing, probably my fault we had our last exam on Tuesday and our end of our half semester med surg class hesi was Thurs. I was one point short. Anyway I have decided even though I had a 4.0 gpa coming into the program and I had a 951 hesi at the end of fundamentals that this isn't the place for me or maybe Nursing isn't for me. It seems a shame to waste what I have already learned though so here is my question. I am looking at going to a different school to become a surgical tech, I got to do an OR rotation this semester and I liked it a lot. The other thing I am looking at is EMT/Paramedic which I can complete both in <18 months total for about $5000. St Claire here in Morehead uses paramedics in their ED and PHI also uses flight paramedics. So even though my nursing career maybe stopped for now I think there are still some exciting things I can do and still make a good living doing them. No right or wrong answer here I just want to here anyone's experiences pro or con. Keep in mind I will be 40 (athletic and still fit but 40) I have a wife and 3 kids and I left a job at bank back in 2008 go chase Nursing with the hopes of getting to a doctorate level at some point. I liked Nursing, but the amount of papers we write at MSU is crazy. I would say for every patient I had I usually had about 6-8 hours of documentation after clinical. My wife thinks I would be good at the paramedic because I do my best work when everything hits the fan and we even had a day like this semester during clinical when I stepped up and a resident went to my instructor and was complimenting me about other students were backing up from the situation and I just stepped up and did what was asked of me. Exciting type pace jobs like the state police when I was younger trying out for them I was always attracted to the danger and excitement. IF I don't do either one of these I will go back to work in finance within the next month, but I just hate to not use things I have learned like BLS, assessment, pharmacology, and everything else, it just seems like a waste if I don't find someway to use it.
  8. by   Pixie.RN
    I would opt for Paramedic, but I'm biased -- I am one, and enjoy it very much! Best of luck, whatever you decide to do.
  9. by   WabbitGurl

    I too am a medic here in Columbus...actually, I may have precepted you at Grant since I work as a medic in their ER!! I am also researching good Medic-to-RN programs here in far I only know of two: Belmont Technical College in St. Clairsville, Ohio (1h45m east) and Clark State Community College in Springfield. I know several Medic/RN who have done both programs and have many good things to say about them.

    Hope this helps! Let me know what your thought are!!